Is Genova tuna sustainable?

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The ‘Slow Fish’ movement held an international meeting last week in the Italian city of Genoa to discuss a series of measures to be implemented to ensure the sustainability of the fishing sector.

From May 4 to 7, many experts met at conferences and workshops held in this regard. In addition, attendees were able to taste typical dishes with seafood products.

All the speakers warned about overfishing and the serious pollution problems that have impoverished the resources, with special emphasis on the depletion suffered by the Mediterranean Sea.

Among other things, it was agreed to use selective nets on trawlers, which will especially benefit species such as mullet and hake, fish that are highly appreciated by consumers and of great economic importance, although at the same time they are classified by the FAO as “overexploited” or “fully exploited” species.

Is genova tuna sustainable? 2022

A growing minority of social movements believe that we are facing a real systemic and global crisis or, to be more precise, a failed civilization in a phase of collapse. What should the agenda for facing the future look like?

It seems necessary to overcome dilemmatic approaches (optimism-pessimism, growth-growth-decrease) that ultimately limit considerably the capacity to offer positive and effective alternatives.

On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, the State Coordinator of Fair Trade publishes a report that shows how Fair Trade has improved working conditions in Bangladesh, one of the countries with the highest poverty rates in Asia.

Carabanchel has dawned with a huge police deployment aimed at expelling Jose Manuel and Maria from the house where they have lived for more than half a century. Dozens of neighbors showed up at Carpetana, 109 to stop the eviction which, after four hours of resistance, was finally carried out.

Is genova tuna sustainable? del momento

The seminar will address, on Wednesday, measures in the fishing grounds and markets to ensure sustainability; representatives of the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer), the traps of Barbate (Cadiz), and the French fleet will intervene.

The UN expert and director of the Aquastudio research institute in Genoa (Italy), Antonio Di Natale, and the emeritus professor at the University of Cape Town (South Africa), Doug Butterworth, will also intervene.

Is genova tuna sustainable? 2021

The name “ronqueo” is due to the fact that during this process of removing the loins, the knife passes through the backbone of the animal and produces a sound very similar to a snore. The people in charge of carrying it out are the ronqueadores.

Already the Phoenicians used this type of fishing with nets and the Romans were in charge of continuing with its use.  Today, a labyrinth of nets is installed near the coast, knowing that the tuna will pass through it.

When a shoal enters inside this labyrinth, the “levantá” is carried out, which consists of the lifting of the nets from the trap by a flotilla of boats that surround it. From there, the fish are gradually taken out to be loaded onto the boats.