How do you draw a curved line in Java?


The Java.awt.Graphics class in Java forms the basis for many of these drawing and graphics functions. It is an incomprehensible class, since the actual drawing action is system dependent and device dependent. We will draw a line in Java in this tutorial.We will start the program by importing the necessary packages. We will import java.applet.Applet, java.awt and java.awt.event packages from the library.The drawLine() method of the Graphics class is used to draw a line with the given color between two points.See the code below.import java.applet.Applet;

Paint code in java

package graphics; import java.awt.Frame;import java.awt.Graphics;import java.awt.Color;class Pantalla extends Frame {public Pantalla() {this.setSize(200,150 );this.setVisible( true );}public void paint(Graphics g) {g.setColor(Color.Blue);g.drawLine(50, 50, 100, 100, 100);}public static void main( String[] args ) {Pantalla p = new Pantalla();}}}

To draw a rectangle on screen, just call the drawRect() method indicating the position where we want to place the top-left corner of the rectangle and its width and height. For example, the following code,, paints a rectangle around the applet that contains it:

The drawRect() method paints an open rectangle; if we want a filled rectangle, we will have to invoke the fillRect() method, which has identical syntax. The following code,, paints a filled rectangle in the center of the applet that contains it:

The QuadCurve2D class implements the interface shape.  This class represents a quadratic parametric curve segment in (x, y) coordinate space.  TheQuadCurve2D.Float and QuadCurve2D.Double subclasses specify a quadratic curve in float and double precision.

Drawing dots in java

Here I am asking more silly graphics questions. Hopefully soon I’ll leave the graphics world behind me and plant myself firmly in the less than mid-level color again. I have a new respect for people who are able to play with images in pleasing ways through code.

I’m not sure if this is too vague of a description. I think what I’m looking for is a Bezier curve, but I’m graphics (and geometry) slack-mandibular. I’m interested in novel solutions in general, something that makes a straight-sided polygon look more like an ink drop. Maybe with controls to get a more or less ‘natural’ shape.


Given an input of 2D points, I would like to segment them into lines. Then, if you draw a zig-zag style line, each of the segments should be recognized as a line. Generally, I would use OpenCV’s …

I am trying to use R to make a type of line chart in Excel, where my x-axis is text (A, B, c..etc) and the y-axis (which can be either negative or positive) are columns up and down . I want to give up the red and green color ….

I am new to using actionListener and mouselistner. I want to track mouse movements and connect the dots as I go. Then it will be a continuous line. I am using MouseMotionListener every time I move the mouse across the screen and get a new set of points. I’m not using mousePressed or …