What is plastic tablecloth made of?

Which processing system has been used to manufacture

Cloth tablecloths, crochet, embroidery, cotton, jacquard, and an endless number of fabrics that as soon as we use them in any meal, in their first use … end up directly on the way to the washing machine, because as beautiful and elegant as they are … they are not practical for everyday use!

On the other hand, the layers of resin that these tablecloths have do not give them a plastic appearance as with other types of plastic tablecloths, but the appearance is like that of a cloth tablecloth, with a nice touch and an elegant finish, but with the benefits that the resin provides: easy cleaning and great durability.

Another aspect that makes them much better than cloth tablecloths is that resin tablecloths do not wrinkle. If you have ever had cloth tablecloths you will know that, apart from having to put them in the washing machine after each use (without guaranteeing the total elimination of some stains such as wine, tomato or oil), they need to be ironed to look nice on the table. Resin tablecloths, on the other hand, thanks to the resin coating, remain more rigid, as if they were always freshly ironed.

Tablecloth material

The most common shapes for tablecloths are circle, square, square, oval and rectangle. Tablecloths usually have a “drop”, which is the section of the tablecloth that falls under the table. It is usually 15 to 40 cm on each side of the table, being shorter for casual occasions, and longer for formal occasions. Sometimes, the drop goes all the way to the floor.

Today, tablecloths are typically made of cotton, or a cotton-poly blend, or a PVC-coated material for easy cleaning. However, they can be made of almost any material, with some even being made of delicate woven silk.

An under-tablecloth is often used for such important purposes as preventing the top tablecloth itself from slipping, avoiding unpleasant noises during service and the meal, protecting the table from bumps, preventing liquid spills from damaging the furniture finish, as well as protecting the table from hot dishes and other utensils, avoiding humidity due to liquid spills and protecting the table from bumps.

Kitchen tablecloth

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History of the tablecloth

Broken plastic objects such as toys, kitchen utensils, etc. do not have to be disposed of in the light packaging container (yellow container). There are collection points that can be seen in the application.

The main material obtained from mixed recycled plastics is wood plastic. This material is used for the manufacture of urban furniture, due to the advantages it has over other materials, for example, it is much more resistant to the action of external agents (water, solar radiation, temperature,….), than normal wood. Some of the most manufactured products are benches, bollards and fences.