Can plastic tablecloths be washed?

How to clean leather tablecloth

The washing machine is an indispensable household appliance today that allows us to save a huge amount of time, effort and water when washing clothes. However, it is not only possible to put clothes in it, and for sure there are many things that you do not know that can be washed in the washing machine.

And there are countless everyday objects that we usually clean by hand but that can be washed in the machine comfortably. Here is a list of things that can be put in the washing machine so that you don’t waste your time again.

How to clean transparent plastic tablecloth

The washing machine is our faithful ally when it comes to washing our fashion and household garments. But, apart from sheets, towels and garments of all kinds, this appliance can help us to leave as new other things at home and even the car that perhaps you did not take into account.

– Car mat: sometimes we prefer not to check the dirt that accumulates on our car mats, but there is no point in ignoring it. For a deep cleaning it is not enough to shake them in the open air. We recommend that you vacuum the floor mats well and then put them in the washing machine with a short cold program. They will come out unrecognizable!

– Makeup sponge: although it is best to wash makeup sponges by hand to remove accumulated product residue, very occasionally (once every six months, for example) you can put them in the washing machine, with a cold program. They will come out as good as new and will avoid the accumulation of germs harmful to the skin.

– Yoga or Pilates mats: mats used for exercise are also often forgotten when it comes to cleaning. However, they accumulate a large amount of dirt and sweat from the floors on which they are placed and from the exercise we do on them. To keep them spotless, put them in the washing machine on a cold program with gentle spin.

Rubber tablecloth

To show off – and show off – beautiful tablecloths, it is not enough to buy the highest quality models in the store. It is also necessary to pay a lot of attention to the care of the fabrics. Taking care of aspects such as washing or ironing table linen is a perfect way to guarantee a long life for home textiles. Washing, ironing and even storing the pieces correctly is a way of perfectly preserving the colors and appearance of the linen with which we dress the house.

In general, it is recommended to pre-wash garments to help “undo” stains. It is advisable to pre-wash in cold water, and to apply a stain remover product in the specific places where there is dirt.

Cold water and warm water are ideal for pre-washing, and for washing garments that do not have stains. In tablecloths with lace or embroidered strips, it is preferable to always wash with cold water. In this way we will avoid damaging the textile ornaments.

Contrary to popular belief, using more detergent is not synonymous with better washing. On the contrary, if we overdo it with detergent, the garments will look dirty. Using too much detergent could even damage the washing machine and generate bad odors in the clothes.

How to clean a plastic tablecloth

Tablecloths have always been indispensable in any table, since, in addition to decorate and give an elegant touch to the table, they serve to protect it. In any celebration, we always enjoy decorating the table with the ones we consider most special.  However, the more delicate they are, the more difficult they are to wash or clean.    For everyday use, especially if we are busy people with a thousand tasks to do, stain-resistant tablecloths are a perfect solution to save time later.

Although a stain-resistant tablecloth can be used for much longer than a conventional tablecloth, with the passage of time (if you have one made of polyester or resin) you should put it in the washing machine even if it is not dirty apparently to remove odors that may have accumulated during the different meals for which you have used it.

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