Is Dove shampoo environmentally friendly?

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However, they have two major drawbacks. The first is that as petroleum derivatives, they are hardly or not at all biodegradable, so they end up polluting aquifers, rivers and seas. In the case of non-water-soluble silicones, they end up forming hydrophobic layers that can stick to the skin of animals, preventing transpiration.

Plastic microspheres are another classic in cosmetics and body hygiene, either as skin exfoliants or to improve the penetration of a certain product on porous surfaces, as in this case hair fibers. The problem with this product, which is harmless to our health, is mainly environmental.

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I’m sure you feel pretty good about yourself when you want to try a new product thinking, “Hey, maybe I can choose something different this time, something eco-friendly, something fresh and new.”

This happened to me with shampoo. It’s something most people use every day, so you can’t go wrong. I went to the supermarket, took a deep breath and looked at all the hair product options in front of me, and admired it all: all the shades, shapes and colors.

I was a mess! A bombardment of choices, prices, labels and brands. If it’s too high or too low, you won’t even bother, but if it’s right in front of you and no one is looking, you might as well take a peek, open the bottles and pick the one that smells amazing to you. End of story.

Now let’s move on to the shower. I was washing my hair, enjoying the smell of sea salt and bergamot, when a question popped into my head, “Who actually made this shampoo?” I liked the marketing so much that I forgot to ask myself where this came from.

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However, there are chances that the product/features you want are not available in your budget, if you face a similar problem, try to increase your budget or choose the cheap option that can perform the tasks you mainly want.

We interviewed many industry experts and found that 76% of buyers spend around 9. However, you should buy the product based on features and not price value (Of course, price is also important, but features should be considered FIRST).

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