Are plastic dinosaurs made from real dinosaurs?


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Are plastic dinosaurs made from plastic?

“If the plastic they make the toy dinosaurs out of comes from oil and the oil comes from dinosaurs, then the toy dinosaurs are real,” she said as we were heading back to Caracas after a weekend in San Diego, Carabobo.

At the time I didn’t know and until now I think Alexa is certainly right. And it is true for two reasons. The first is that objects, people and everything that exists is, fundamentally, its form. The toy dinosaur is shaped, at least from what we know so far of a real dinosaur. Even one is its shape and we are defined by our contours.

The other thing is that in truth the plastic is reminiscent of those prehistoric beings, which now we could not relate to animals because what we know as such belongs to our time, whereas dinosaurs do not, their existence belongs to a remote space-time of which we are not part.

Going back to the initial idea, the real dinosaur and the toy dinosaur are made, it could be said, of the same substance. And this reminded me of a passage in a Saer novel in which they describe a lamb that is going to be sacrificed for a Christmas dinner.

Life-size dinosaurs stay at the Park

Concretions form when decomposing organisms change the chemistry of their surroundings in a way that precipitates minerals in solution. These minerals accumulate in a mass of the approximate shape of the chemically altered region. Sometimes the mass produced is egg-shaped.[11] Most egg-shaped concretions have uniform interiors, but some are formed by the accumulation of minerals in layers.[15] These layered concretions are more difficult to differentiate than those with uniform interiors, because the layers may resemble the white and yolk of an egg. The yellow of the false yolk comes from minerals such as limonite, siderite, and sulfur.[13] The yellow of the false yolk is derived from minerals such as limonite, siderite, and sulfur.[13

The formation of the fossil egg begins with the formation of the egg itself. Not all egg embryos that end up fossilizing have previously died. Top-opened fossil eggs usually result from eggs that have successfully hatched.[45] Dinosaur eggs whose embryos died probably fell victim to the same causes that kill embryos in modern reptile and bird eggs. Typical causes of egg embryo death are congenital problems, disease, suffocation from being buried too deep, adverse temperatures, and too much or too little water.[46] The following are typical causes.

What are plastic dinosaurs made of?

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