What are microplastics for dummies?

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TinkerCAD is compatible with all 3D printers that use the standard STL file format. It also allows you to easily export the files you have created for an external program or device, if you want to work on it further or produce something more complex.

It has different tools that allow users to create more detailed and complex models. It is for this reason that it is a bit more complicated than the others, so it is not so recommended for beginners.

It is a product development platform that unites CAD, data management, collaboration tools and real-time analysis. One of its advantages is that it can be deployed on any computer or mobile device, allowing users to connect and work together in a cloud workspace.


Did you know that washing an entire load of synthetic clothing can release more than 700,000 microfibers? Can you believe it? In fact, this is the main source of all microplastics from textiles.

While this doesn’t solve the microplastic problem, there are ways to prevent these microfibers from ending up in water streams. You can do your laundry in bags that trap these tiny plastic fibers – Guppyfriend’s are one of the best around – or install a filter in your washing machine.

Often, these waters are contaminated with toxic products and dyes, as in the case of Kanpur, India, where 50 million liters of contaminated water end up every day in the waters of the Ganges from the city’s fur factories.

We are talking about approximately 10% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. This is mainly due to very long supply chains, intensive and inefficient energy consumption and the need for raw materials.

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What is the relevance of the existence of these microplastics? The truth is that a lot, since these particles are not only present in the water we drink, but also in the fish and seafood we eat.  Both plastics and microplastics are being found in large quantities inside fish and mammals, which disintegrate in their digestive systems and are stored mainly in their fatty tissue. This causes the chemical compounds present in the plastic to gradually move up the food chain, where they eventually reach our plates. Recent European studies have detected the presence of compounds derived from plastics (PVC and PET) in human excrement, compounds that can permeate through the intestinal wall and lodge throughout our body.

However, microplastics are not only found in the ocean, but unfortunately also in our drinking water, rivers, lakes and subway aquifers around the world.

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