What country recycles the most?

Recycling in the world 2020 statistics

In Latin America and the Caribbean, waste collection is reported to be high. Eighty-five percent of waste is collected in a system that generally works door-to-door. However, the region recycles only 4.5% of its waste, and few nations are taking this issue seriously. As one of the regions that recycles the least in the world, it should be given high priority.

There is also the case of cities that have so-called “green armies”, which are people who collect waste in clean points around the country. In the case of Brazil, there is one of the most numerous that clean the city of Sao Paulo, with a total of 20,000 “green soldiers” who fight to give more life to the planet.

One of the warnings made in this report was that, if the situation and people’s awareness of the environment do not change, floods, diseases, global warming, climate change and polluted oceans around the world (among many other consequences) could be provoked.

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Which countries recycle the least in the world?

In Brazil, there is a reward system called Ecoelce, which gives credits on the electricity bill to those inhabitants who recycle. This initiative takes into account the market price of each material at the time of the discount.

A similar system is RECiCLA, an app through which the user takes photos of the materials in front of the container of the corresponding color. In this way, money is accumulated, which can then be received in a bank account.

Human action, mainly through the use of fossil fuels, pollution, deforestation and uncontrolled environmental impacts, is the main cause of climate change on our planet.

Recycling in the world statistics 2021

The key to achieving this goal is to take into account the main actions taken to increase a circular economy in Mexico: reduction and recycling. Likewise, the participation of society and the government in the fulfillment of the goals of the National Agreement for the New Plastics Economy is fundamental.

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The report prepared by the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) also points out that in the medium term it is expected that 100% of containers and packaging will be reusable, recyclable, compostable or usable.

Which country recycles the most plastic

Waste, its management, disposal and recycling are among the major environmental issues to be faced in this century. We live in a world based on excessive consumption, which generates more and more waste, with the harmful consequences it has for the environment, and we will now talk about the 5 countries that recycle the most in the world, the main references in terms of recycling that should serve as a model for the rest. Examples that recycling is not only indispensable, but also pays off.

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