Who invented school bag?

First backpack

Leather and canvas were the materials used to make backpacks… until nylon came along! Gerry Cunningham, the same man who came up with the idea of zippers instead of straps, made the first nylon backpack in the late 1960s, resulting in a lighter, stronger and more durable product.

Later, with the advent of laptops and tablets, backpacks were adapted for transport by adding a padded compartment to avoid shocks; but human ingenuity did not stop there and created the “digital burrito”, a kind of backpack-tortilla that wraps the cables of all digital instruments.

And if you thought that everything had already been invented, take a look at this laptop backpack, patented in 2014, with folding telescopic legs, a removable rigid base and a coaster, because hydration is as important as studying.

Backpack history pdf

But what if their return could be much more satisfying for them? How about the idea of kids having their school supplies personalized by printing? Many of them already have their notebooks and books with stickers with their name on them. But why not clothing or other belongings such as backpacks?

The first day of school is always one of the most exciting, so it’s good to be dressed for the occasion. Why not go with a personalized t-shirt from your vacation? A photo with your family or friends can be ideal for the start of the post-holiday routine.

Evolution of the backpack

Today we will talk about the History of the notebook. This entry can be linked to the History of paper for obvious reasons. Thanks to paper, Man has been able to transmit his knowledge from generation to generation. Although papyrus and lithographs existed before, paper was cheaper and easier to work with. With the later invention of the notebook we have been able to keep in a more orderly way our wisdom, drawings and so on.

The two most common ways of binding are spiral binding and gluing the sheets together. The first is made with a wire spiral placed with perforations on one side of the cover or sheets. The second way is to use glue to bind the pages together.

Backpack timeline

A backpack, backpack or macuto is a container for carrying luggage, usually attached to the back by straps or bands that pass over the shoulders and are tied at the waist.[1] Its use has generated the term mochilero (backpacker).

This word can also be associated with the sack or bag of strong cloth that hunters and hikers wear on their backs; in Colombia the word mochila usually refers to a satchel known as an ‘arhuaca backpack’.

These backpacks or macutos, which were originally made of leather or animal skin, are those that exceed the capacity of 40 liters and are usually made of resistant materials, such as polyamide. Several parts can be differentiated:

They can be made of various materials such as leather, polyester, polyurethane, PET, vinalon or nylon, among others. Their elements are usually resistant to withstand day-to-day and repeated use.