Can paper with Sharpie be recycled?


Markers, like ballpoint pens and highlighters, are writing instruments that contain their own ink. The tip is usually made of a porous material such as felt that, upon contact with the paper, expels the ink retained inside.

It is common for the ink in felt-tip pens and ballpoint pens to wear out or dry out and need to be disposed of. This is when the question arises: Where should I dispose of my markers? Ecoembes tells you.

The first thought is that, as they are made of plastic, they should be thrown in the yellow garbage can. But no! Only plastic containers, such as bottles, plastic bags or cans, should go in this bin.

This program has a multitude of collection points that collect all types of writing instruments of all brands and materials. They accept pens, markers, highlighters, highlighters, mechanical pencils… but other objects such as pencils, chalk, glue and rulers are not accepted so as not to harm the recycling process.

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Yes! Stone paper works with any type of pen (fountain pen, gel pen, sharpie ect.) but if you want your notebook to be 100% waterproof and not leak when you put it in water, we recommend that you use a regular pen. The more water the ink has in the pen, the more likely the ink will run when you put your notebook in water. However, if you are one of those people who can’t write with anything other than a gel/fountain pen, don’t worry, you will be able to write on the stone paper without a problem. You’ll just have to wait a little longer for it to dry.

Stone paper is recycled like plastic. This does not mean that it is a plastic, but compared to normal paper, heat is used to recycle it instead of water. This means that it can be recycled many more times than regular paper and its recycling process is much more sustainable. If you have nowhere to recycle it, you can also throw it away and after 144 days in constant contact with UV rays it will return to its natural stone form as it is photodegradable.

Spheres are recyclable

We tell you which is the best paper for drawing and painting, depending on the material you use! There are a lot of artistic techniques, and each of them needs a different paper. We tell you which paper is used for drawing with pencil (graphite), colored pencils, and which paper is best for painting with watercolors and alcohol markers.

Depending on the technique we use: watercolor, markers, alcohol markers, graphite pencil, colored pencils… we will need a different texture and weight, since not all papers support the same materials.Materials that use water (such as watercolors), in general, always need a thicker paper than pencil, which allows us to draw on thinner sheets. We explain you which paper to use for drawing and painting!What paper to use for drawing with pencil Pencil (usually graphite) is the basic technique that can afford a thinner paper, although don’t get confused, because a sheet of paper is not exactly the best option either.

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How many pens did you use in school? How often did you throw them away? You’re at work or studying, at the bar, in a store and the pen you’re using doesn’t work, you scratch hard, try to heat the ink with your mouth breath, a lighter, in the microwave, rub it with your shoe… dozens of methods that are supposed to help you, but most take the pen and throw it away; a new one that doesn’t give you problems and walk away.

The million-dollar question is: In which container should it be thrown away? Many people answer in the yellow one, because of its high amount of plastic, but the answer is incorrect because it is not a container, it also contains metals such as the spring and other materials depending on the model. For proper recycling they should be taken to the municipal green point; there are also initiatives to generate specific recycling points, such as Terracycle for the collection of writing and drawing products such as pens, markers or correctors. If they are disposed of in the normal garbage they usually end up buried or incinerated, which would generate polluting gases.