Why are Mcdonalds straws clear now?


Concern for the environment is on the rise and citizens are showing a growing commitment to the health of the planet. Thus, consumption practices and the generation of waste derived from consumption are factors that are becoming increasingly important. In fact, Kantar’s Who Cares Who Does? study reveals that plastic waste is the second biggest environmental concern in the world. There are more and more people involved in the preservation of the environment and a proof of this is the increase of the profile called Eco-Actives. The consultancy identifies it as the group of people who work consistently to reduce plastic waste levels, adopting measures to improve the environment and adapting their purchasing behavior.

In this sense, the authorities are working to reduce plastic waste and there is already a date for the elimination of single-use plastics. From July 2021, European regulations ban disposable plastic items (plates, cutlery, drinking straws, cotton buds and polystyrene food packaging), as approved by the European Parliament in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

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Algunas de las tecnologías que usamos son necesarias para funciones básicas como la seguridad y la integridad del sitio, la autenticación de la cuenta, las preferencias de seguridad y privacidad, datos internos de uso del sitio y mantenimiento, y para que el sitio funcione correctamente mientras exploras y durante las transacciones.

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El trabajo con lámparas es un tipo de trabajo del vidrio en el que se utiliza principalmente un soplete o una lámpara para fundir el vidrio. Una vez fundido, el vidrio se forma soplándolo y dándole forma con herramientas y movimientos manuales. También se conoce como trabajo con soplete o antorcha, ya que en la práctica moderna ya no se utilizan lámparas alimentadas con aceite. Aunque la falta de una definición precisa del trabajo con lámparas hace difícil determinar cuándo se desarrolló esta técnica, el primer vidrio trabajado con lámparas que se puede comprobar es probablemente una colección de cuentas que se cree que data del siglo V a.C.


Currently, approximately 80% of the waste we generate ends up in landfills or in the natural environment, and only 20% is recycled. These data generate great social concern and are causing more and more consumers to demand that the agri-food sector switch to more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly packaging.

Carrefour eliminates plastic from its organic fruit and vegetables. Presented as a new step in its environmental commitment, the retail chain has announced that eliminates plastic packaging of all organic fruits and vegetables offered in its centers, both branded supplier and its range Carrefour Bio. These products are now presented in other sustainable materials such as nets or bioplastics, a measure that has the support of its customers, who have applauded all initiatives in this area.

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One day you go to the supermarket in search of that product you consume regularly and you find the shelf completely empty. You go back after a few days, a few weeks, you look for it in other supermarkets and it becomes an obsession… until you realize that it has disappeared without a trace and nobody knows how to give you the slightest explanation.

There was a time when Pralín was even more popular than Nocilla, because it came in a plastic container (instead of glass) and was much cheaper. One of the most common snacks of the EGB disappeared one fine day, winning the battle of chocolate creams forever Nocilla. But I’m sure you still remember its flavor and the melody of its advertisement.

One of the biggest mysteries in the supermarkets of this country was the disappearance of Tulicrem from one day to the next, when mothers had switched to it because it was the cheapest by far and we were already delighted with its flavor and oily texture. You only have to go to Portugal to get it nowadays, but I can guarantee that it has nothing to do with the one we all remember.