Are old textbooks worth anything?

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A book (from Latin liber, libri) is a printed, handwritten or painted work on a series of sheets of paper, parchment, vellum or other material, bound together on one side (i.e., bound) and protected with covers, also called covers. A book may deal with any subject.

However, this definition is not limited to the world of print or physical media, given the emergence and rise of new documentary formats and especially the World Wide Web. The digital book or electronic book, known as e-book, is seeing an increase in its use in the world of books and in professional library and documentary practice. In addition, the book can also be found in audio format, in which case it is called an audiobook.

Since its origins, humankind has had to face a fundamental question: how to preserve and transmit its culture, that is, its beliefs and knowledge, both in space and in time.

The approach to this question involves, on the one hand, determining how to ensure the intellectual integrity of the content of the work and the preservation of the medium on which it was embodied and, on the other, finding the means by which the intention or purpose for which it was conceived will remain unchanged.

What to do with the books I don’t want

Another bookstore that buys books in Madrid is Re-Read, a chain of second-hand bookstores that offers you the possibility of finding a large number of books at a very low price, and you can also sell your used books at 0.20€, although they have to be in good condition. They can be of any subject or genre, but they do not buy encyclopedias or textbooks. An ideal option to give a new look to your old books and, at the same time, make some money.

The Ábaco Libros Usados bookstore has two locations, the best known of which is on Calle Raimundo Fernánez Villaverde and the other on Calle General Álvarez de Castro nº3. It is a bookstore with several decades of experience that sells and buys books of all kinds, including rare editions, second-hand books and out-of-print books. But, you must keep in mind that they do not buy textbooks, encyclopedias or collections, therefore, we recommend that you contact them to be able to sell your books in this bookstore.

Gift of used books

Maybe in more than one occasion you have asked yourself this same question. If so, or if any of your friends or relatives have numerous copies taking root in their homes, we show you some alternatives to donate your used books.

These are just a few options. If you know of other entities where we can go to donate our used books, we invite you to provide us with the information in the comments section of this post.

When we talk about books it is almost inevitable to think about the school stage. That is why we want to talk to you about Escuela transformadora. Positioning on the education we want, the document that gathers the didactic position of Oxfam Intermón and the Network of educators for global citizenship.

Let’s not forget that school can be the meeting place for common values such as solidarity, respect or justice, and a mechanism to generate equal opportunities, instead of a place that deepens social exclusion. Only together can we make it happen.

What to do with old school books

Used school books: fifth grade, sixth grade, first year of high school and second year of high school. Libro del conocimiento del medio: quinto de primaria, Atlas, Sm Libro de ingles: primero de bachillerato Libro de ingles: segundo de bachillerato Física y química: primero de bachillerato, Santillana Cuadernillos de francés: 1,2,3 de sexto de primaria Each book presents a different state, so ask for the state. Prices negotiable.6 EUR

“1974 Images and texts. Yearbook”. Difusora Internacional. Profusely illustrated copy with photographs and drawings in b/w and color interspersed in the text, which review the highlights of 1974. It is in perfect condition.12 EUR

ISBN: 978-0-19-833873-4 In perfect condition. It is lined. I have removed all the posits, but it is possible that some may have been left. The book has no written or painted marks. I am selling it because I have finished my studies.12 EUR