How do I dispose of old license plates in Ontario?


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1) Be enrolled in a graduate program at the master’s level;2) Be enrolled in full-time study for 2 or more terms (21 to 52 weeks total) by the academic of application;3) Have a valid study permit; and.4) Attend a participating Ontario school.

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Whether you’re thinking about selling your vehicle or not, it’s a good idea to know how much your car is worth. You never know when someone will make you an offer on it, or when you’ll need to get rid of it. Even if you don’t think your car is worth anything to anyone but you or your family, you may be surprised to learn that your car has value and that there is a market for your old clunker.

It’s important to know the genuine value of an antique car or vintage hot rod, but simply entering the information into the Kelley Blue Book appraisal algorithm is not enough to determine its value. An accurate appraisal requires careful evaluation by an experienced professional. If you’re not sure how to set up an appraisal, here’s a beginner’s guide on how to appraise your classic car.

If you need to sell your car but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Many people feel anxious and intimidated when they begin the process of selling a car. The good news is that most of that anxiety is probably unnecessary.

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This is Ivo, the person who seems to have taken the reins of the club after Willy’s disappearance. They were great and very good personal friends.Dusan.Ciro:Milan:Edo With a churri who does beautiful things with her legs.  JanoAnother JanoVratoMajoCiro and Edo:

Well the bike doesn’t seem to have been too bad for a “total loss” :smiley_english:, in fact it’s still standing. I hope it will be fixed with the insurance because if not it will lose out, for sure. Thanks Nacho, I’ll say goodbye until August because we leave on vacation on Monday. Have a great time and relax as much as you can that tendinitis, although as Calendaril Coordinator :smiley_smile: you will have it a little more complicated, by the way Congratulations!!!, you deserve it.

I’m with NANO NACHETE you deserve it many congratulations and enjoy it, and thanks for the tutorials of the venture of the week I do not miss a single Friday a strong hug

Well I congratulate you and your big ego, because without it you would not have made it.    :smiley_smile: :smiley_smile: :smiley_smile: :smiley_smile:The bike reminds me of mine when I gave it to myself, but this one is in better condition, I do not understand the total loss and more there that the parts are within reach.