Can old textbooks be recycled?

Recycle old books

We all have old books at home, some may be inherited and others we simply don’t know where they came from. And if they are about subjects that are no longer current, such as old law books, we can use them to make a variety of crafts. What do you think if we look for them and make some of these ideas with them?

With these paper flowers we can decorate our home or a party or meeting and they are a good way to reuse the paper from those old books. To make this model you can click here.

What to do with old school books

Apart from libraries, there are NGOs that collect donations of used books to be sent to places, people and groups that need them (especially if they are children’s, youth and educational books). Below you will find several NGOs that do this, but there are many more.

Hi, Jota: the information is up to date. The date of publication of the article is August 2013, but sometimes we recover -and update- contents of interest, hence the new date. Best regards.

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Jota Vander, not all that glitters in this organization is gold, the most valuable ones are taken to an old bookstore, the best, they in return give some that do not tiemne output, so I prefer to give it to individuals, or both to the old of my neighborhood If you are interested in any you know A greeting

Excellent article on where to donate books, how to give used books as gifts, or where to donate used books, etc. Knowing where you can take your used books, where to give them to someone who might need them, who can pick them up -whether they are literature or textbooks- is invaluable for the giver and for those who, with less means, have access to them.

Where can I take used textbooks

If you have 80 or more books we can pick them up at your home.  We accept all kinds of books and in any language, except magazines, notebooks, newspapers, texts delivered by the Ministry of Education and books that are in bad condition.

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*Dunalastair Chicureo, Chamisero s/n. *Colegio Alemán Chicureo. *San José de Chicureo School, 1453 San José Oriente Ave. *Colegio San Anselmo, Camino Guay Guay 10031 *Colegio Highlands, Sta Filomena S/N *Lincoln International Academy, Seaquist 100.

Vitacura *St. George’s College, Av. Américo Vespucio Norte 5400 *Colegio La Maisonnette, Av. Luis Pasteur 6076 *Colegio de las Sagrados Corazones de Manquehue, Padre Damián de Veuster 2215 *Colegio San Pedro Nolasco, Av Presidente Kennedy 5850 *Colegio Huelén, Sta María 6480 *Colegio San Benito, Parque Antonio Rabat 6150 *Colegio Santa Ursula, Nueva Costanera 4190 *Colegio María Luisa Bombal, Lo Arcaya 1850

Recycling school books

You may have asked yourself this same question on more than one occasion. If so, or if any of your friends or relatives have numerous copies taking root in their homes, we show you some alternatives to donate your used books.

These are just a few options. If you know of other entities where we can go to donate our used books, we invite you to provide us with the information in the comments section of this post.

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When we talk about books it is almost inevitable to think about the school stage. That is why we want to talk to you about Escuela transformadora. Positioning on the education we want, the document that gathers the didactic position of Oxfam Intermón and the Network of educators for global citizenship.

Let’s not forget that school can be the meeting place for common values such as solidarity, respect or justice, and a mechanism to generate equal opportunities, instead of a place that deepens social exclusion. Only together will we make it happen.