Are wristbands recyclable?

Accessories with recycled material for children

Achieving ecological quality in identification and control wristbands has always been a priority in our company. Initially, our goal was to replace PVC (vinyl) wristbands with fabric wristbands. We have already achieved 90% of this.

But these containers that we despise, if we deposit them in the yellow containers, become a real treasure: they are recycled and can be converted into polyester fiber, which is the raw material used in the manufacture of fabrics, fashion and sportswear… and also for our bracelets. As an example, an anorak can be made from 80 PET plastic bottles. It is these plastics that fill the landfills… but when they reach the sea they cause what we are unfortunately seeing… seas of plastics.

So when we make PET bracelets, we are reusing plastic from unusable bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills or in the sea, constituting a serious pollution problem.

Accessories with recyclable material

Recycling wristwatches may seem like a complicated matter, and indeed it is, at least a priori. However, if you put your mind to it, the results will be so surprising that they will most probably be worth it.

The possibilities are as many as we want. That’s the thing about creative recycling, it is an invitation to let our imagination fly. So now is the time to get creative, perhaps by first looking at what others have already done.

Among other options, consider attaching a beautifully patterned fabric cut to size, which can be fastened with Velcro, or a brightly colored silk scarf. Or the opposite, let’s look for a discreet color, a neutral color that goes with everything.

It will also be great to find a fabric with a fine floral pattern. Good taste is the best guide in this regard. The important thing is to put it back in circulation, and do not forget to stretch the side wheel when not in use to increase its durability.

Costume jewelry with recycled material step by step

For various activities in life, tickets are an important and essential element to ensure that customers can enter the event. But what will happen after the event? Are they not environmentally friendly and will they cause pollution to the environment? WXR launched a recyclable RFID woven wood wristband, which can not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also can bring a different experience to your activities, such as all-in-one card consumption, social networking, and so on.

How to make necklaces and bracelets with recycled material

There are times when a bracelet is bland and without any grace, this happened to a bracelet that was given to a friend, she was sad to get rid of it so she gave it to me to see if I could recycle it and do something more cheerful with it, although it is a very simple bracelet deserved a second life with more color.

The materials I used are very easy to find, if you want to know more about them I did a post where I talked about the mouse tail and another where you have a lot of information about the zamak.