What is the hardest plastic to recycle?

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Not all plastics are created equal… and the same goes for recycled plastics. It is important not to view “plastics” as a monolithic entity, as there is a wide range of materials with very different properties and uses.

Seventy-five percent of the plastics found in the ocean originated on land, reached waterways and were deposited in the ocean via rivers. While some of this comes from deliberate littering, much of it originates from improper waste handling.

When recycled, it usually ends up being reused for plastic bottles or bags. It is very easy to recycle, which is typically done through a process of bringing shredded and melted into pellets.

Low-density polyethylene is a flimsier plastic that is used for wrapping and packaging, including bubble wrap. Rigid LDPE is used for such things as bottles, caps, containers and closures.

LDPE is resistant to moisture and chemicals and is very attractive for products that need to be shipped because of its low weight. It can be recycled into products used for the same purposes and is often used for shipping envelopes and garbage bags, as well as more durable goods, including furniture and building materials.

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How are plastic bottles, jerry cans, bags, etc. sorted? As we have already mentioned, there is a system for classifying and coding plastics in order to manage their recycling. In the main image of this article we see all the symbols that are part of this coding and that are usually stamped on the base or side of the object. Take note of the Plastic Identification Code for its management and recycling:

So what are these plastics that cannot be recycled? This is a very widespread doubt because many times, when we are going to throw away something that we do not normally use and do not dispose of in the yellow container, we are not usually very clear about the best place to throw it away. Therefore, it is useful to know the types of plastics that are not recycled:

I really liked the report and the classification of the different plastics , my doubt is if in Argentina there is any plastic recycling course to be able to make tables, pots or I also saw knives . greetings thanks

Which plastic bottles can be reused

The recycling process for light bulbs is very complex, as each type of light bulb has a different way of recycling and some simply cannot be recycled. In addition, as they have more than one material, and are difficult to separate from each other, it is practically impossible to deposit each material separately.

Fluorescent or LED bulbs are recyclable, but not all clean points accept them, so it is not easy to find a suitable one. On the other hand, halogen and incandescent bulbs are not.

Although oil can be recycled by companies dedicated to this product, and is also accepted at some clean points, PET bottles that have been used to store oil are not recyclable, since the container is left with traces of oil.

In Chile there are no treatment plants to recycle batteries, but there are clean points that receive them, since it is necessary to dispose of them correctly to prevent them from affecting people’s health or the environment.

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It is therefore important to raise awareness, to reduce plastic consumption, and knowledge, to know which plastics can be recycled and give them a new life. In addition, it is also necessary to invest in research, to provide greater knowledge of the consequences of this situation and to ensure that 100% of plastic packaging can be reused, recycled or composted by 2025.

But until that date arrives, which plastics can be recycled and which cannot? When we talk about this material we do so in generic terms, but there are many types of plastic. But let’s start at the beginning. What is plastic? The term plastic comes from the Greek “plastikos” which means that it can be molded. The term encompasses materials made up of a variety of organic, synthetic or semi-synthetic compounds, which have the property of being malleable and can therefore be molded into solid objects of various shapes.

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