Is Canon packaging recyclable?

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As we saw in a previous blog post, there are many ways to generate less waste, but if we do generate waste, we should at least ensure that the waste that is generated can be recycled and end its life in the most environmentally responsible way.

Recycling packaging has considerable environmental benefits in terms of saving raw materials, energy, water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This activity also contributes to the economic and social development of our country through the generation of employment and industrial fabric (Ecoembes).

I am an environmentalist committed to social responsibility. My professional objective is to promote the idea that economic growth is not incompatible with care for the environment.

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The Council of Ministers plans to approve today the Waste Bill, one of whose main objectives is to reduce the volume of waste by 15% in 2030 with respect to 2010, and to improve the management of municipal waste, whose recycling rates do not reach the community objectives (50% in 2020). The law – promoted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, headed by Teresa Ribera – aims to make the polluter pays principle a reality; and in this sense it will oblige manufacturers to pay in full for the recycling of packaging and other products they put on the market.

The future law will extend the responsibility of manufacturers and producers in the selective collection and recycling of packaging and other products (light plastic packaging, bricks, cans, glass, paper and cardboard…). At present, under the current legislation (packaging law of 1997) manufacturers only pay the extra cost of recycling, i.e. the difference between the cost of the procedure for selective recovery of materials (introduced in 1997) and that of conventional waste management (which was already being done by municipalities, by taking the waste to landfills or incinerators).

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For each bottle we buy, we are paying the manufacturer the cost of that bottle to be recycled, plus recycling taxes. Now they want to put an additional canon that will be returned to us, wouldn’t it be more logical that instead of this canon, which will increase the final cost of the bottled product, the cost of that empty bottle + the recycling taxes paid by the manufacturer would be returned to us for recycling?

Everything that is returning, is better. But maybe we must first prepare the appropriate recovery system and have it well implemented, before raising the price. There is already a fee charged (that of ecoembes) and every day there is more news and data on mismanagement.

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It is therefore important to raise awareness, to reduce plastic consumption, and knowledge, to know which plastics can be recycled and give them a new life. In addition, it is also necessary to focus on research, to provide greater knowledge of the consequences of this situation and to ensure that 100% of plastic packaging can be reused, recycled or composted by 2025.

But until that date arrives, which plastics can be recycled and which cannot? When we talk about this material we do so in generic terms, but there are many types of plastic. But let’s start at the beginning. What is plastic? The term plastic comes from the Greek “plastikos” which means that it can be molded. The term encompasses materials made up of a variety of organic, synthetic or semi-synthetic compounds, which have the property of being malleable and can therefore be molded into solid objects of various shapes.

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