Can I use metal polish on plastic?

Types of metal polishing paste

With the passage of time, dust, sand and the sun end up clouding the headlights to the point of becoming dangerous. At this point, it is advisable to replace them with new ones, something that you can avoid with a simple home trick: polishing the headlights of your car with toothpaste. We explain how.

But, with a good maintenance it will not be necessary to go so far. To polish the headlights of the car there are several formulas on sale in specialized stores, but also really effective home remedies. One of them: toothpaste.

Now that you have come this far… Would you like to know what repairs or maintenance you should do to your current car? Enter your license plate number below and we’ll tell you instantly with a totally fixed price.

Metal Polishing Wax

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How to mirror polish metal

The sliding metal grinding system is a process for the surface machining of parts. It is based on introducing the parts in mass in a container together with an abrasive material for grinding or polishing and an additive, generally water-based.

By means of an oscillating or rotating movement of the working container, a relative movement is produced between the workpiece and the process media. Heavy workpieces that cannot be mass machined are machined using streamfinish or drag finishing machines. In this type of machine, the workpieces are clamped individually for subsequent machining.

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In industries such as automotive, railway or jewelry, among many others, the parts are subjected to a very intense and constant work that produces deformations on its surface, which ends up having a negative impact on the final result.

How to polish stainless steel

500 W corded jigsaw. Suitable for straight and curved cutting in plastic, wood, laminates, steel and aluminum. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 70 mm in wood and 4 mm in steel, angular cutting capacity up to 45º, variable speed of 500-3.100 cpm with Bosch Electronic system, minimum vibration level, CutControl system, blower…

280 W corded orbital sander. Suitable for sanding on flat or vertical areas such as walls, doors and panels and on painted, varnished or otherwise treated surfaces. It has a no-load speed of 12,000 rpm, large 9 x 19 cm metal sanding base, dust container with dust collection system, hook, loop and clip system to remove dust and dirt.

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550 W corded electric planer. Suitable for planing, beveling edges and removing wood coatings. It has a maximum roughing capacity of up to 1.5 mm depth, speed of 19,500 rpm, Woodrazor blade system, lateral chip ejection system, three V-grooves for guiding the tool, shoe with…