Can scissors cut plastic?

Pipe cutter and scissors for plastic materials

Slice® manufactures safety scissors and invests heavily in making them safe for everyone, including people with dexterity problems. That’s why our safety scissors are suitable for people with disabilities as well as the elderly, but at the same time they are an excellent alternative for any job where scissors have to be used on a daily basis.

To answer this question, let us first explain why traditional scissors are not safe. The biggest danger from a safety point of view with normal scissors is that the blades, which are too sharp, will cause injuries and cuts.

Slice scissors have a cutting edge manufactured at the correct angle using a patent-pending double-angle grinder to make the blades completely safe for fingers. That’s precisely why Slice scissors are finger-friendly®.

Watch our demonstration and you’ll see why Slice’s safety blades (which are also the ones we use in our safety scissors) are safer than traditional metal blades.

How to cut plastic, polyethylene and PVC sheets and tarpaulins

Since you have decided to select a hard plastic cutting scissors, it is important to choose the model that offers you the best results when cutting plastic material. To help you learn more about this product, here are the main advantages of a hard plastic cutting scissors that will guarantee you the most efficient results.

The hard plastic cutting scissors is an essential tool that you must have at hand to work with the greatest ease when cutting hard plastic, given the resistance they offer and their high quality to perform the work with the best precision and without requiring more effort.

Deciding to purchase a hard plastic cutting scissors is a task that involves taking into account certain aspects that must be verified to ensure an effective purchase, so we provide below the aspects to consider when purchasing a hard plastic cutting scissors that suits your needs and provides the best results.

How to cut plastic pipe and which tools to use

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Cutting without compromise – with scissors specially developed for left-handed people in different quality classes. For natural movements, a relaxed working posture and an exact cutting line.

Pipe and Pipe Cutting Scissors – How to use them and what they are used for.

Shaft: In the case of my scissors, it is a screw and it is made of yellow plastic. It is called shaft because it is the union point between both sets of blade and handle so that, in this way, they form a unit.

Levers are classified into: first degree levers, second degree levers and third degree levers. First degree levers have the fulcrum always located between the load and the force that is given from the opposite end; in the case of the scissors, the force is given from the opposite end since it is given from the handle (where the scissors “starts”), the load, which is the resistance of the material to the cutting action of the blades is at the already mentioned (where the scissors “ends”) and the fulcrum, i.e. the screw, is located between the two ends. Therefore, the scissors is a lever of the first degree.

– For the shaft, the essential thing about the material is that it is resistant, because if it breaks or breaks, the whole scissors loses the possibility of use. As for other elements that can be used for the manufacture of the scissors I suppose: