Did the Doctor love Rose or river?

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In this scene we have Sally and Billy Shipton, whom we have only known for a few minutes. A hospital ward with an old man dying and a window behind which the rain is pouring down on the city… “I have until the rain stops,” he says, a brief fragment of time containing “what might have been and wasn’t,” a moment between two people who might have loved each other, but who were deprived of that chance to experience it by the Weeping Angels.

“Are you all right?”-Rose asks the Doctor after he gazes at the carriage where Madame de Pompadour’s coffin is being carried.  “I am always well,” he replies, while we, who know how to read between the lines and know the old Doctor, know how much her two hearts are suffering, after the letter she herself had written to him:

My dear Doctor: the road has never seemed slower to me, and yet I am very much afraid that I am coming to the end and that we shall very likely never meet again. But I think anything may be possible: I have seen the world inside your head… Hurry, my love, my days are shorter now and I am weaker. God bless you, my angel of solitude….

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Me llamo Rose Tyler.My name is Rose Tyler.Entonces presiona a esa mujer en la que parece estar tan interesada Rose Tyler.SO UH LEAN ON THAT WOMAN HE SEEMS TO BE SO CONCERNED ABOUT-UH ROSE TYLER.Ella es Rose Tyler nosotros no somos nada estábamos vagabundeando.I’m the Doctor. Ella es Rose Tyler nosotros no somos nada nosotros estábamos vagabundeando.Elton recibe el encargo de acercarse a la madre de Rose Tyler Jackie.Elton recibe el encargo de acercarse a la madre de Rose Tyler( Billie Piper) Jackie Camille Coduri. En el caso de Rose Tyler en la temporada inaugural de Doctor Who escogió el nombre porque consideraba que tenía un “toque de buena suerte” después de usarlo para el personaje de Lesley Sharp en Bob & Rose.

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It has not been uninterrupted, as in 1989 it had a hiatus that lasted until 2005, when the BBC decided to continue it, with Russell T Davies as producer. Traditionally we talk about the ‘classic series’ and the ‘modern series’ to differentiate the two moments. For this article, we will talk about the current series.

A clothing store clerk who has the good fortune (or misfortune) to meet the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) when he plants a bomb in the shopping mall where she works during the first episode of the modern series. At the end of the episode, she will have to choose between staying with her boyfriend and her boring life or going on an adventure. One of the most beloved companions and with more episodes behind her. She will travel with two Doctors, the Ninth and the Tenth (David Tennant) and will leave us one of the most heartbreaking stories of the series.

Rose Tyler is a young girl, working class, very biting, and that reacts well to everything new that presents the Doctor. She will not hesitate from the first moment to fight and even endanger her life to help the Doctor with whom she will inevitably end up falling in love.

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This post is going to be like your first binge, quick and leaving too much of a headache. And I’ll probably swear and perjure not to talk about Doctor Who anymore, because I have a feeling this is going to be the definitive Doctor Who post.

What we’re going to see next is not a critique of the series, nor a nostalgic review or anything like that, no. This is going to be a Top 10 of the best Doctors made by someone who doesn’t like Doctor Who. I confess I haven’t watched the old episodes (60s/80s), so my comments on them will border on the most infamous trolling. But that makes it all the funnier….

Let’s be serious, this guy is going around with A LEAR. Leeks are very good for your health and all that crap, but nobody wears a leek on their lapel. Especially if he comes from a planet with a ridiculous name like, I don’t know… Gallifrey? Which in English may sound super-distinguished, but here it sounds like Gallipollas, Gallipuertas or Galliflauta.

Maybe his most defining trait is that he’s pissed off at the universe for what happened to the Time Lords, but that’s only seen on one or two occasions. Plus, he’s the one to blame for picking up Rose Tyler’s choni, and I don’t forgive him for that.