Why do rappers wear big chains?


It is usual for the rapper to be noticed, and many already stand out just for what they shine when they enter a place, in the literal sense of the word shine. Almost as a rule, the aesthetics of rap has pulled a lot of disproportionate chains and pendants, large stamps on the hands, huge watches and even teeth full of precious metals. If we were to weigh a rapper like Drake or Jay Z, how much would we have to subtract in jewelry? Where does this trend come from?

“Rosalia already said it to Ozuna, without having anything to do with rap: “Hanging from the neck the toy ‘Respect in tickets and diamond'”.  Can we then extrapolate this phenomenon to urban culture in general? We talked about all this with our dearest Pedro LaDroga and these are his opinions.  Q: What are the jewels to the rapper? A: Well, from my point of view, which is not the universal one by any means, and I haven’t done much research on the subject, but from personal experience I think that here there is a simile with the gypsies. We love everything that glitters, especially gold. The rappers really, where the movida comes from is from the ghettos, from the slums, it was the most suburban people there were, so it’s the same thing.  People who come from nothing, but they’re the kings and they love the glitz the expensive brands, and of course, the bling.”


Cars, houses and chains. The triad in which, usually, the first contract of the rappers goes (note: the king of squandering the first professional salary will always be Eto’o, who spent his first bonuses on belts). Whether for a purely aesthetic reason, for the everlasting spirit of ostentation linked to the hip-hop scene, for a financial decision (having your assets in gold is always a wise gesture) or for pure routine (if others do it, so do I), the fact is that the image of rappers is linked to jewelry and, more specifically, to gold chains and other noble materials.

As Kanye West said in ‘Clique’: “I rather buy 80 gold chains and go ignant. I know Spike Lee gon kill me, but let me finish”. There’s something about water when it’s blessed, and there’s something about chains when your favorite rapper wears them. So here we take a trip down memory lane to recover some of the craziest chains we’ve known throughout all these decades of hip-hop. From Jesus Piece doubles to authentic works of ornamental engineering.

Nach – Lefties Die First

Honestly, this is one of the sickest chains we’ve seen, even if it’s nowhere near the price of the previous three chains. At €539,688.00 and 165 carats, the panther chain has a total of 4600 diamonds: 1800 in the panthers and 2800 in the rest of the chain. Talk about ice cream.

When T-Pain spent €442,544.00 on a gold chain, he decided to go big or go home. Literally. He invested in a gold chain that weighs over 10 pounds and simply says “Big Ass Chain”. You’re not kidding, bro. That’s a big ass chain. A combination of yellow and white gold was used to create this fun masterpiece that also features 197 carats of diamonds.

Interestingly, this €323,813.00 gold chain is only one of two chains that made this list without diamonds. West decided to kick it old school with a traditional gold chain with an image of the Egyptian god Horus. What wasn’t so traditional about the chain was that it was freaking huge. seriously! We have no idea how he could even stand up with that giant chain hanging around his neck. Although it didn’t have diamonds on it, it was made of 24 karat gold, the purest quality of gold you can buy.

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Rap and hip hop are distinct fashion styles that involve many different types of looks. Style is very important when it comes to becoming a rap or hip hop star. There are many popular brands worn by the most famous rappers, but it is also important to individualize your style. You must represent yourself as well as follow fashion. Accessories are very important. This article will address some of the basic trends in hip hop and rap fashion for men and women.