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These enemies are joined by many others, from characters from mythological legends to mythological sea monsters, as is the case of Charybdis. Most of his adventures narrate how Aquaman protects the seas from his enemies, but he is also in charge of the protection of the surface, becoming the main political figure of Atlantis against the rest of the world. In the 2011 Flashpoint series, Aquaman confronts Wonder Woman in a war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons.Aquaman in film and television:Aquaman has appeared in various formats on television, both animated and live-action. In animation, his first appearance was in The Superman/Aquaman Hour Adventure in 1967. In the 1980s he had his own animated series and made regular appearances in the Superman series. Aquaman intervenes sporadically in The Justice League to later become part of the Justice League Unlimited, while in the animated series Young Justice he is a member of the Justice League and Aqualad’s mentor. As for real image, he appeared in the hands of Alan Ritchson, who played the character for the Smallville series.

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Atlanna is forced to abandon her family and return to Atlantis, entrusting her loyal advisor Nuidis Vulko with the mission of training Arthur. … Orm visits Arthur in captivity and announces that Atlanna was executed for the crime of having a half-breed child, blaming Arthur and the surface for her death.

The story of Poseidon in Greek mythology is the same in the DC Comics universe, including the fact that he is the brother of Zeus and Hades. … Enraged, Poseidon takes Mera and flees to Aquaman’s time. Aquaman and Aqualad follow him with the help of Zeus and save Mera and Poseidon from a crazed creature created by Mera.

Aquaman spawned his own family line when he met an amphibious woman from an alien dimension named Mera. The two fell in love and married at about the same time Aquaman was crowned king of Atlantis. Shortly thereafter Aquaman and Mera had a son named Arthur Curry, Jr.

Aquaman is really the God of the Seas … or is he? This is where popular culture and mythology can sometimes get confusing. You see, Poseidon is the god of the seas, while Aquaman rules the lost city of Atlantis.

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Aquaman has been featured in several adaptations, first appearing in animated form in the 1967 Superman / Aquaman Adventure Hour and then in the related Super Friends program. Since then, he has appeared in several animated productions, including prominent roles in the 2000 Justice League series and Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as well as several original DC Universe animated films. Actor Alan Ritchson played the character on the live-action television show Smallville. In the DC Extended Universe, actor Jason Momoa played the character in the films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Justice League (2017), Aquaman (2018), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2022).[7][8][9][9]

During his wartime adventures, most of Aquaman’s enemies were Nazi U-Boots commanders and various Axis villains. The remainder of his adventures between 1940 and 1950 had him facing various sea-based criminals, including modern pirates, such as his old arch-nemesis Black Jack, as well as various threats in aquatic life, shipping lanes, and sailors.


His magical abilities are enhanced by Mjolnir, his indestructible hammer that allows him to fly, summon rain, wind, lightning and thunder, as well as travel between dimensions, control storms and shoot bolts of energy.In mythologyAlso, in Norse and Germanic mythology Thor is the god of thunder and strength. This powerful god is associated with the protection of mankind.

His name is so significant that it even served to name a day of the week. In English, thursday (Thursday) derives from the name of this mighty god.In the moviesThe handsome and talented Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has brought the mighty god of thunder to life on the big screen, both in the three Thor movies (2011, 2013, 2017) and in The Avengers movies (2012, 2015, 2018, 2019).#2 AquamanIn the comicAquaman, also known as Arthur Curry by his Earth name, is the product of the love between an Atlantean queen and a lighthouse keeper. When he took the throne of Atlantis, his legacy made him the most legendary king in the history of this underwater city.