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When the Martian Manhunter was possessed by a Martian demon and tried to destroy the world, Batman came calling for his help (as he was immune to telepathy). After spending precious time trying to make him remember who he was, Batman let “Ralph” think about it. After looking out the window thinking about everything , Plas remembered who he really was after his son revealed his inherited powers and told him a joke . After the fight was over , O’Brian began a new life balancing his hero life and his family life .

In the aftermath of this event, he celebrates with all the other heroes gathered together.    He is present when Lex Luthor makes the mass slaughter of the participants of the Everyman project and shows pride for his son Offspring who saved over twenty people’s lives.    During World War II, he is part of the heroes led against Black Adama by the Justice Society of America. Adam actually manages to somehow give him a nosebleed. Despite this, he manages to give his son advice to make better jokes. There is another celebration after his victory and Plastic Man attends.

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TylerThis has also been covered a bit in the animated Justice League: Doom movie, where Batman’s computer is hacked by Mirror Man after hiding in the rearview mirror of his Batmobile. Cyborg plays a role in this film, but he is not a member of the Justice League during the film, so he is not included in the plans to exploit each member’s weakness. Aquaman does not appear in the film at all.

FirmThe basic scenario behind this was covered in the JLA: Tower of Babel story, as Jason Baker’s commentary mentioned. As with most of these stories, verisimilitude must be stretched to maintain the premise that “X kills group Y”. This leads to some of these things not being true “weaknesses”, in the sense of something that negates or bypasses a character’s powers, rather than something they were never immune to in the first place.

Here’sTylerH@DCOPTimDowd Yeah, that does a decent job of showing how much Batman has to concentrate just to hold his breath in a vacuum, there’s no chance he can do anything like fight or diffuse a bomb, etc. while doing so. We definitely can’t add ‘breathing in space’ to his list of abilities …

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Plastic Man (real name Patrick “Eel” O’Brian) is a fictional superhero first appearing in Police Comics #1, originally published by Quality Comics and later acquired by DC Comics.[1] Created by cartoonist Jack Cole, Plastic Man was one of the first superheroes to incorporate humor into the overall action narrative. This character has been published in several solo series and has interacted with other characters such as Batman and many others in the DC Universe as a member of the Justice League. In addition, he has appeared in several television and video game adaptations, including a short-lived television show of his own, The Plastic Man Adventure and Comedy Show.

During his brief convalescence in the monastery, he discovered that the chemical had entered his bloodstream and caused a radical physical change. His body now had all the properties of rubber, allowing him to stretch, bounce and mold himself into any shape. He immediately decided to use his new abilities on the side of law and order, donning a red, black and yellow (then red and yellow) rubber costume and capturing criminals as Plastic Man. He hid his true identity by wearing a pair of white glasses and reshaping his face. As O’Brian, he maintained his career and his connections to the underworld as a means of gathering information about criminal activity.[2] He was also a member of the underworld.