Who is the youngest plastic surgeon?

Contradictions persist as to who performed surgery on Dr. Emilio Cabrera.

Dr. Emilio Cabrera could be defined as the plastic surgeon of precision, whose professional motto is less is more. This is given by a reality: All his work pivots on the overwhelming logic of naturalness.

Dr. Emilio Cabrera could be defined as the plastic surgeon of precision, whose professional motto is less is more. This is given by a reality: All his work pivots on the overwhelming logic of naturalness.

Plastic surgery is a complex specialty in constant evolution and innovation. Through this section you will be able to know all the news in this specialty and why our cosmetic surgery clinic is a leader in Cordoba.

The right choice of the plastic surgeon in Cordoba will be the most determining factor in the outcome of your cosmetic surgery. It is normal that you have doubts, that is why we have created this section. To leave nothing “untied” and no doubt unresolved.

Hispanic Surgeon literally changed the face of hell that

“I work in a multitude of clinics as an external collaborator in the areas of cardiovascular surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. I prefer not to give names of these centers in an interview out of respect for them, but they are all prestigious,” explains this physician, whose career began in 2013, as a general and emergency physician at the Morales Messeguer Hospital in Murcia. Subsequently, he was a cardiovascular surgeon at the Virgen de la Arrixaca, Vinalopó de Elche and General de Torrevieja hospitals, before joining the private sector.

The liposculpture that this mother of two underwent, consisting in the extraction of fat from the abdomen by means of a cannula, sent her to the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Santa Lucia de Cartagena.

-The patient contacted and contracted [the liposculpture] with a clinic in Murcia of great trajectory. As in a previous question, I am not going to tell you its name. Sara knew where I worked, she contracted the intervention and the clinic assigned the operation to me.

Woman dies while undergoing cosmetic surgery in clinic

In order to obtain a place as a resident in Plastic Surgery, I went to several interviews in different hospitals; in one of them, a private hospital, they questioned me as to why they should accept me if I was a student who was not going to contribute anything to the program of that institution, to which I answered: “I can offer hard work, interest and a lot of study”. It seemed obvious to me that a General Surgery resident could not offer much in the way of Plastic Surgery.

Unfortunately my answer, and perhaps my profile, was not what that institution was looking for. However, this fact led me to my Alma Mater, the “Fray Antonio Alcalde” Hospital Unit, former Civil Hospital of Guadalajara.

Sometimes I reflect and observe that human quality is an extraordinarily important factor in our professional performance, and that not everything is knowledge embodied in books, and excellent results with the scalpel. It is essential to establish a healthy and trusting doctor-patient relationship.

Yolanda Andrade undergoes cosmetic procedure for

Until now, the relatives of Sara Gómez had only denounced the cardiovascular surgeon who performed the liposculpture, for a crime of injuries due to professional recklessness, but Ezquiel has decided to extend this denunciation: “From the beginning I maintain that here there has not only been an alleged negligence on the part of the surgeon, for perforating Sara’s body, but that there are more irregularities in this case. That is why I will present a private accusation on behalf of Izan against the doctor, the clinic of Murcia where Sara contracted the liposculpture and the clinic of Cartagena that placed the operating room and the assisting health personnel”.

Ezequiel has taken that decision after Sara’s family has reviewed the history of conversations he had via WhatsApp before December 2, when he entered the operating room of a clinic in Cartagena after contracting a liposculpture in a center in Murcia that advertises itself as an international reference in high plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.  “Here they are blaming each other, because the Murcia clinic outsourced the surgery by hiring a surgeon who is self-employed,” Izan’s father indignantly denounces.