Is it difficult to be a plastic surgeon?

How to become a plastic surgeon

Fact: It may be hard to believe, but anyone with a degree in medicine and surgery can call themselves a surgeon and therefore a cosmetic surgeon. There are cosmetic physicians who perform liposuction. The consumer should research carefully before going to see a doctor believing he or she is a plastic surgeon.

Reality: board certified plastic surgeons prefer informed patients. Knowledge is power, and it is very important to make the right decisions. This will determine not only your outcome, but also your safety. In general, an educated patient recovers better because there are no surprises and less anxiety about the procedure. We will be happy for you to ask us for the title and our certification.

Disadvantages of being a surgeon

The specialty of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery is a specialty recognized in all the countries of the European Union and is in constant progress, development and evolution. This Program has been developed by the National Commission of the Specialty and approved by the Secretary of State for Universities and Research of the Ministry of Education and Science.

To acquire the knowledge of the basic techniques of clinical, experimental and epidemiological research in order to adequately elaborate a research protocol. To carry out a research protocol. To know the methodology of clinical trials and their characteristics.

The general objective is to promote the participation of professionals in decision making based on continuous evidence, to develop actions to improve clinical practice, the management of the care process and the cost of care, favoring a culture of consensus.

To understand Clinical Management as a set of processes involved in decision making that occur in the relationship between professionals and patients, and whose ultimate goal is to achieve greater efficiency in the use of human and material resources and greater user satisfaction.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a plastic surgeon

“It is difficult to get in. Since only two universities offer it and it is through academic competitions, you have to gather a series of antecedents and you get in based on points. There are many applicants and the first ones are the ones who get the quota,” he explains.

He also criticizes his colleagues: “The meaning of plastic surgery has been distorted. Everyone thinks it is aesthetic, but that is only one part of it. We real plastic surgeons are not trained to lift breasts or to fix nipples, but to fix bones, make skin grafts, save burns and, in addition, to see the esthetic part. The most banal part is always taken, but there is a reason why the training is called Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”.

How did he manage to be accepted? Before his third application, he practiced microsurgery in Taiwan for four months, took Portuguese courses and participated in five research projects. “Everything can be done, but you have to plan for it,” he sums up.

-Yes, it’s a very good option. The amount of experience you get as a resident is very high, it’s practically one surgery per day. Everything is very well developed. It is a country with 200 million inhabitants, there are 5,500 plastic surgeons. Here in Chile there are 140, so the differences are abysmal.

How much does a plastic surgeon earn

This interesting, this career Plastic Surgeon, is a specialty, which is performed, after the medical professional, receives the title as a medical surgeon, after having studied and passed all the undergraduate courses.

In most of the times, they are people who have had very serious injuries to their skin, due to contact with flammable materials, which have made patients, burn much of their skin and this is where the career Plastic Surgeon, appears fulfilling a role of great importance, helping that person to rebuild their skin, can also be for scars of large cuts in the skin.

Among these tests are required, preoperative blood tests, in addition to other studies, to find out if the person is fit to be operated by a professional Plastic Surgeon career in an operating room, also must perform a very complete checkup of the patient.

Of all the activities performed, with the intention of being evaluated and corroborated by the Plastic Surgeon, in order to know if the patient is in an optimal state of health, to undergo plastic surgery and to know if the person can withstand the time of the operation, all this depends on the locality that requires the patient to be operated.