Who is the No 1 plastic surgeon in India?

Liposuction in Cartagena, Colombia

Plastic surgery can be a lucrative field, especially if it is well known and has the right clientele. Location and reputation can be everything in this line of work. While some plastic surgeons make money hand over fist, not all invest wisely and some are still paying high educational bills or have high overhead costs for their practices. It is usually the older generation that has had time to balance all the educational and start-up expenses that show the highest net worth. If you want to know the list of top plastic surgeons in the United States read HERE.

Dr. Aisha McKnight-Baron is an American plastic surgeon practicing in Atlanta. She is also a cast member of the reality show “Atlanta Plastic”. Her appearance on the show skyrocketed her fame and popularity as a plastic surgeon. She is now considered a celebrity. She is one of three successful plastic surgeons of African-American descent in the Atlanta, Georgia areas. Her specialty within the discipline is in the area of helping mothers get their figures back to where they were before they had their child. She utilizes a variety of cosmetic surgeries and procedures including breast implants, liposuction and others. She relates easily to both her patients and viewers of the show.


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Clearly, looks matter more to us than we would like to admit. It is inculcated in our childhood stories, in which, with Shrek’s permission, the witch is old and ugly and the prince or princess is young and beautiful, and we carry it with us as we grow up, both personally and in the workplace. How do we explain the fact that the most attractive candidates get jobs more often than others who are perhaps more competent but less physically attractive?

In first century Rome, Pliny the Elder spoke of rudimentary liposuction as a “heroic cure for obesity” for the son of the consul Lucius Apronius. Six centuries later, the Byzantine physician Paul of Aegina devised a system to remove the breasts of men with gynecomastia, a pathological enlargement of the mammary glands. Cases followed one after another until the Middle Ages, when cosmetic surgery became a practice punishable by death.

It was not in vain that the Catholic Church considered that beauty drove men into the arms of the devil. It was not until the end of the 15th century and throughout the following century, when several epidemics of syphilis swept through Europe, that the techniques of the so-called chirurgia decoratoria were developed.

Daughter denounces plastic surgeon for her mother’s death after surgery

This is the transcription of the dialogue moderated by María Elena Navas with Dr. Gonzalo Bosch, former president of the Uruguayan Society of Plastic Surgeons and delegate of the International Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

These defects have a great influence on deformities, but that does not mean that I have information that work is being done in genetics to improve or develop the beauty of the human form. I have no information about that and I believe that for now there is nothing about it.

But in fact, modern plastic surgery began in England in the post-war period, during the Second World War, mainly due to aviation accidents with a large number of burns to the face and hand. The most famous plastic surgeons of that time were English.

This motivated the development of plastic surgery in general. Then aesthetic surgery began to develop. One cannot differentiate one from the other. To be a good aesthetic surgeon you must be a good reconstructive surgeon.