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The growth of the global economy is strictly linked to the availability of fossil fuels, particularly oil. Oil, gas and coal are finite, non-renewable resources, a geological inheritance that once consumed we will never have again.

At present, fossil fuels constitute 81% of the energy used globally, and petroleum derivatives provide 95% of the energy for transportation. It has been observed that oil production over the last half century has tended to follow a bell curve. That is, typically, the easiest and best quality oil is produced first, and therefore the cheapest. At the peak of the production curve, about half of the resource is still available but, in addition to going from growth to decline, the net energy available is also decreasing, as more and more energy is needed to extract the deeper, geographically more distant, lower quality oil. As a result, when peak oil production is reached, demand cannot be met and prices begin to rise, leading to an economic recession.

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A priori one faces Bojack as the cousin-sister of Family Guy: black, absurd and sexual adult humor printed in a conglomerate of pop references. And indeed that is the first impression the series gives. However, if you give it a chance, you will realize that where you were looking for 25 minutes of light entertainment, you will find the perfect reflection of yourself and human emotions in a series that marks a paradigm shift in adult animated series.

When a series begins, the team is unknown. The characters are created step by step: as the episodes and seasons go by, they “speak” to the team and reveal nuances that did not exist when they were first conceived. Thus, when the screenwriters, directors, voice actors, animators, etc. get to know each other and their way of working, a new approach to the characters is produced and the fog that one may encounter at the beginning dissipates. Bojack took a season and a half to find its tone, but it discovered itself and became, in my opinion, the best adult animated series since The Simpsons.

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The most accepted theories about the future and the end of our Universe are not too cheerful: they speak of the death of all stars, followed by the slow disintegration of all black holes and an inert and eternal end in which all matter will disappear.

But long before all that, another important phenomenon will occur, which is not the end of the universe but may be for us: the moment when space begins to expand faster than the speed of light. It will be then that humanity will be trapped and the cosmos will be completely unreachable.

Wait a minute: the universe expanding faster than the speed of light? We know that the expansion of the universe is accelerating and therefore the stars and galaxies around us are moving away, but wasn’t the speed of light the maximum speed at which one can travel?

So once the expansion of the universe reaches this point and the galaxies around us are moving away from us faster than the speed of light, what will happen? The answer is a large enclosure.

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The President not only took the issue as a personal crusade and bet everything on fracking in Vaca Muerta, the 36,000 square kilometer rock formation that opened Argentina’s door to unconventional oil. In addition, he sought to reverse the image of waste with a technician who knew the logic of the private sector and was determined to move forward with a new hydrocarbons law that included decisive concessions for the industry. Shortly after, the questioned Chevron would disembark as a partner of YPF and spearhead of the multinationals in the shale mecca.

Cristina added her political leadership and the creation of an executive board with two pillars with very different visions and backgrounds to a clear and necessary orientation, as a result of the shortage of supplies and the flood of dollars. On one side was Galuccio, on the other the then YPF sub-interventor, Secretary of Economic Policy and Planning and future Minister of Economy, Axel Kicillof. With all the power of the State, CFK made the decisions and, after the inevitable and permanent discussion, the decisions were executed in record time.