How do you upgrade the mining laser in Frackin universe?

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Thanks to a laser system called Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), attached to an airplane, the ancient mining workings and the complex hydraulic system used by the Romans in the 1st century BC to extract gold from the area have been detected in Las Médulas (León). The remains found include canals, reservoirs and the diversion of two rivers.

In a paper published in Nature Geoscience, an international team of scientists challenges the current understanding of the origins of plate tectonics, following an investigation of the thermal history of gold deposits in West African basins that has applied an innovative metamorphic modeling program. This research allows a better determination of the location and depth of the seams and offers promising applications to the countries of this large African region.

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In this blog, we highlight the differences between pellistor (catalytic) sensors and infrared (IR) sensors, why there are pros and cons to both technologies, and how to know which is best suited to different environments.

Pellistor sensors have a relatively lower cost due to differences in technology level compared to IR sensors, however, they may need to be replaced more frequently.

With a linear output corresponding to gas concentration, correction factors can be used to calculate the approximate response of pellistors to other flammable gases, which can make pellistors a good choice when multiple flammable vapors are present.

Not only this, but pellistors inside fixed detectors with mV bridge outputs, such as the Xgard type 3, are well suited for hard-to-reach areas, as calibration adjustments can be made at the local control panel.

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The Instituto de Comercio Exterior (ICEX) has selected Olipes for the students of its MBA in International Management to develop the case study that they have to do as part of their training…

Shallow Geothermal Energy. Teorías y Aplicaciones’ (Shallow Geothermal Energy. Theory and Application) is the new book by Juan Carlos Santamarta, professor at the University of La Laguna and contributor to the journal Ingeopres, in which he has participated as co-author.

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The City Council understands that the competence in the maintenance of the riverbeds belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Cantábrico, but “when we send them requests to intervene, they respond that the urban sections of the rivers depend on the municipalities. The neighbors come to raise their discomfort to us and we are going to act, although with the idea of subsequently passing on the costs to be incurred to the Confederation,” said Lopez.

Most of the staff will be transferred to the three wells which will remain open for the time being -Carrio (Laviana), Nicolasa (Mieres) and Santiago (Aller)- to the La Pereda thermal power station or to the offices, if they were carrying out this type of work in the Langrean well. For now, the new destinations have not been communicated to the workers, who will continue working until further notice in their usual shifts at María Luisa.

The conservationists emphasize that “we must remember that in the basins are very common episodes of pollution by micro particles, presented the worst values of Asturias without the Principality has taken any action to alleviate this situation”.