Is Prestone coolant good for all cars?

Green prestone coolant

In its operation, a car engine generates a great deal of thermal energy. When an explosion occurs inside the cylinder of an internal combustion engine, very high temperatures are reached: between 371 and 593°C in the case of a gasoline engine, and between 537 and 649°C in the case of a diesel engine.

It is essential to dissipate this thermal energy to the atmosphere as efficiently as possible to prevent the accumulation of heat from reducing performance or even causing a serious breakdown. It is essential that the operating temperature of the engine is kept within a safe range, and this is ensured by the cooling circuit and antifreeze fluid.

If the engine temperature rises excessively, this can lead to cylinder head gasket failure, fuel self-detonation and, in the worst case, engine seizure due to expansion and deformation of internal parts.

There are several types of antifreeze or coolant liquids, but to ensure the proper functioning of the cooling system it is essential to use the one recommended by the manufacturer.

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Only water in the coolant works if you live in a warmer country, but you should know that coolant not only moves the freezing point, but also keeps the engine from rusting and corroding inside the engine.

The short answer is no. Each brand has its own compounds in the manufacture of these coolants and each comes with a different ratio. So here we are, with a list containing the names of the best and most well-known brands that manufacture engine coolants and antifreeze.

Some vehicles use special antifreeze for the car model and you should always check with your authorized dealer or repair manual to find out which antifreeze to use. Do not mix ethylene and propylene coolant. If you would like to learn more about the different coolants, first check our FAQ section at the bottom of the article.

Valvoline’s Maxlife will prove to be a conventional coolant and antifreeze for your car, as it works to keep the engine cool in cold temperatures. In addition to that, Maxlife coolant will help lubricate the internal seals and parts that the fluid comes in contact with.

What is the best car coolant in Colombia?

Water is extremely harmful because it oxidizes and corrodes all machinery. You should not use it. Hence the coolant has become an essential element for the proper functioning of the mechanism of the engine.

It is a chemical compound based on ethylene glycol which has the ability to regulate temperature. It provides a fairly wide thermal range, from -30ºC to 140ºC, approximately. It therefore ensures that the engine block always works at an optimum temperature (around 90ºC).

Over time, this fluid loses its ability to transmit and regulate temperature. In other words, it is no longer effective and no longer protects the machinery from extreme temperatures. Therefore, it is important to monitor its level and change it at the right time.

In any case, it is important that you let yourself be advised in the choice by a trusted mechanic. The higher the quality of the coolant, the better the guarantee of good performance and engine protection. Of course, it may be a little more expensive, but you ensure maximum protection and durability.

Antifreeze prestone is good

This is the case of the antifreeze and coolant whose essential function is to control the engine temperature for as long as possible, however, every so often it must be replaced because it no longer fulfills its purpose.

If you still have no idea how to choose your antifreeze for your car, then you just have to start reviewing in detail the options we show you in this opportunity so that you can select the one that suits you best.

If you do not know how much you can spend on buying this type of products for your car it is best that you check the reference of the prices of automotive coolants that we leave you and so you can have an idea of how much money you should have available.

If you need a coolant Motul Inugel is idea for any engine, this organic compound has a freezing point of -35ºC. It should be used undiluted and is suitable for any engine, whether gasoline or diesel, and for practically all types of vehicles. It is very efficient in lowering the temperature of the engine in operation and guarantees its optimum performance.