Does antifreeze biodegrade?

Antifreeze disappears

There are certain cares that we must carry out when it comes to the proper functioning of our car. One of them is to buy and put antifreeze in it. But before that it is convenient to educate ourselves about which antifreeze to buy, which fulfills its function in the mechanics of our car.

In the following lines you will learn why it is important to use antifreeze, how it works and which one is the best for your vehicle. As well as the most reliable brands and prices according to its quality previously proven by most of the customers.

The antifreeze liquid in our car is an element that is an essential part of the cooling system of the car. If our vehicle presents problems of overheating, one of the factors to which this can be due is if we are using an antifreeze in an incorrect way.

This type of antifreeze, as its word indicates, is made with organic elements, which means, among other things, that it is environmentally friendly since it is biodegradable. They are usually quite durable and come in different concentrations. We could be talking about the most used when it comes to our engine to mediate with very extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.

Normal antifreeze consumption

As one of the main fluids in the car, the function of the antifreeze in a car is to cool the car engine. Its function is essential for the proper functioning of the engine. It prevents the engine from overheating and allows the car’s engine to run at the correct temperature. If it overheats, there is a risk of serious damage to other parts of the engine.

These antifreeze or coolant liquids are made with high-tech properties that reinforce against corrosion of any metal, even aluminum or light metals. So that it grants a supreme stability.

Nowadays, almost all antifreezes are organic and last longer as they can double the kilometers that can be done with it compared to inorganic antifreezes. They are much more versatile and effective than inorganic ones.

At Feu Vert we have a wide variety of antifreezes, also called coolants, that will help you to take care of your car by preventing the engine from overheating and protecting it from corrosion.

Que pasa si pongo anticongelante de otro color

Los refrigerantes para automóviles son ampliamente utilizados en el sistema de refrigeración del motor de combustión interna, son una parte esencial para el óptimo funcionamiento de un automóvil. Existen tipos de refrigerantes con diferentes soluciones principales, como el Metanol, el Etilenglicol y el Propilenglicol, cualquiera de estos compuestos tienen el mismo problema, ser muy tóxicos y contaminantes, no solo si son vertidos al suelo o ingeridos accidentalmente por personas o animales, sino que si la temperatura del motor supera el punto de ebullición del anticongelante, este comenzará a evaporarse, contaminando también el aire. BioCima una alternativa capaz de cumplir con la calidad, seguridad y función de otros refrigerantes comerciales, pero con un gran beneficio, no afectando la salud de los seres vivos ni el medio ambiente (FAO, 2002).

BioCima es un refrigerante biodegradable, el cual está compuesto por dos sustancias, la primera es la orina de bovino, a la cual se le da un nuevo uso ya que es un desecho del ganado, pero al contener sales provocaría corrosión en el metal, es por ello que se le agrega una segunda sustancia, el limón agrio, así con estos dos líquidos, se neutraliza la sustancia debido a las propiedades que ofrece el limón, como el ácido ascórbico o vitamina C (Intagri, 2018).

It is normal for the antifreeze level to drop.

The engine temperature is controlled when the coolant reaches the ideal temperature, the thermostat opens and begins to circulate through the engine, which absorbs the heat to keep the temperature under control while the car is running.

– Prevent your car’s cooling system from overheating in the summer – Stop corrosion and rust in the cooling system – Help your engine have a longer life.

Zerex Original Green Antifreez is a 50/50 blend of antifreeze and demineralized water that is ready to be put directly into your car. The low silicate content blend ensures that it keeps your engine in top shape, plus with its corrosion inhibitor it offers additional protection against corrosion and rust. This antifreeze in the vehicle will help protect it from both spills in the summer and frost in the winter.

Engine Ice TYDS008 has a non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free formula that boasts a boiling temperature of 256 degrees Fahrenheit and a freezing temperature of -26 degrees Fahrenheit. This intense temperature regulation makes Engine Ice the ideal choice for high-performance vehicles, off-road vehicles or snowmobiles that are constantly exposed to extreme temperatures.