Does AutoZone recycle coolant?

One of the questions we ask ourselves the most when we have old antifreeze is what to do with it. Can it be recycled? Should I throw it down the drain? How can it be recycled? We have excellent news: you can recycle antifreeze by taking it to auto repair shops, such as AutoZone, where they will take your coolant for reuse

These coolants allow a vehicle’s engine to maintain an ideal temperature at any time of the year. However, if the weather is cold, this liquid will help keep the temperature, as it does in hot weather since the coolant can refrigerate the engine.  

Does the coolant expire?

One of the best advantages of antifreeze is its shelf life as long as the container is sealed. However, if you have opened it, it will have an expiration date, which you can see on the container. 

The fluid, as long as it remains in its original bottle, can last for two years or until the car reaches approximately 25,000 miles. You should check that this fluid is working correctly, at least after the end of summer and winter, as temperature changes can affect the coolant. Remember that its primary function is to regulate the temperature of the car’s engine. 

Does AutoZone recycle coolant?

Can I take the antifreeze to AutoZone?

As one of the most recognized companies, many AutoZone stores receive coolant throughout the country. While not all AutoZone shops accept this fluid, we recommend you check to see if you can take your waste to AutoZone’s nearest location

AutoZone also accepts other recyclable fluids, which are reused for different purposes. Among the chemicals AutoZone takes in its recycling program are motor oils, gear oils, and any oil used in the automotive field

What to do if AutoZone doesn’t accept antifreeze? 

If the AutoZone nearest you do not accept these chemicals, don’t give up. You can drop them off at several places without paying for them. You can check at local service stations or recycling centers

However, many of these establishments will not accept old antifreeze if mixed with another liquid. If this is the case, you will need to contact each station to verify whether or not they will take this hazardous waste.  

Does it cost money to take old coolant to AutoZone?

There are many questions regarding the recycling of automotive coolants. People often wonder if AutoZone will charge a fee for taking these chemicals that are no longer useful to you. As a business with significant environmental influence, the law allows the company to receive antifreeze and other fluids without charging a penny

This implementation is intended to encourage people to recycle disposable chemicals and take them to the nearest branch. That helps raise awareness about the environment and the drastic consequences of disposing of this fluid by flushing it down the toilet, in the street, or down the drain. 

In conclusion, you will not have to pay anything for taking your used and old coolant to AutoZone. That is why we appeal to the goodwill of citizens to avoid further damage to the environment.  

What does AutoZone do with car coolant? 

Thanks to AutoZone’s recycling capabilities, they can transform these chemical wastes into other products to be reused. After obtaining a certain amount of fluids, they are transferred to a plant where they are processed. Then, the chemicals are filtered, and the liquids are classified according to their quality. 

Depending on the degree of contamination of each division, they can be used to create products such as the following:

  • Automotive grease. 
  • Motor oil.
  • Brake fluid. 
  • Fuels for various power plants. 
  • Paint.
  • Gasoline.    

How should I dispose of antifreeze?

As mentioned above, you should not pour antifreeze down drains or in places where people or animals can come into contact with these liquids. That is because they are extremely dangerous and can even be deadly. 

To dispose of antifreeze, you should contact an AutoZone station and ask if they receive these liquids for recycling. 

If you don’t know if it’s time to change the antifreeze in your car, check the quality and level. In case you have to change it, you should drain the radiator and clean up any debris that may fall on the floor. Finally, take the old coolant bottles or cans to the nearest AutoZone or service station.