Do you pronounce the T in valet?

Knows ballet. Pas de deux

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In a way, English, French and German are almost like siblings who grew up together. These languages have had a mutual influence on each other, although the most representative case is with English and French.

“Cafe” comes from France, where it simply means coffee. In many other languages there are similar words for this beverage. It is worth mentioning that in coffee shops they usually serve coffee, although they also serve many other things. The word in English to talk about places where only coffee is served is “coffee shop”.

Some of the most common (and delicious!) words are related to food. That’s because many foods are related to a certain culture, and most languages don’t have words for items that come from another region.

You definitely need to listen to the pronunciation of this term. The spelling is also very difficult, so much so that most native speakers don’t write this word, but just say it. In fact, I had to check three times before writing the word!

Swan Lake. The Swan Lake ballet. Tchaikovsky

The topics of the exams are written but the first two exams are oral and, of course, in the solitude of the study doubts arise about how to pronounce certain words. Today with the internet it is easier to research pronunciations but interrupting the study to sit and surf on youtube is risky. I put here some things about Latin, Catalan and proper names; as everything in this blog, these ideas are subject to better opinion.

By the way, there are several Mucius Scaevola: (1) Publius Mucius Scaevola (died 115 B.C.), (2) Quintus Mucius Scaevola (son of the previous one, died 82 B.C.) and also (3) Pedro Apalategui Ocejo, who published some commentaries to the Civil Code from 1889 under the pseudonym of Mucius Scaevola.

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In any case, it is clear that at this time a joint European initiative was launched with the aim of giving greater status to the European vernacular languages, systematizing them, enriching them and thus transforming them into languages suitable for literature. The development of this initiative was greatly aided by a new means of communication: the printing press. (Burke 2006, 105)

4After presenting a state of the art (§1.1) of the studies on the Linguae Vasconum Primitiae [LVP], we present two complementary points of view for its correct understanding, i.e., its “publication” and the role played by Morpain and Lehet (§1.3) in Bordeaux, a humanist and reformist center after the creation of the College of Guiana (§1.2) and in 1.4. some notes on the beginnings of the Bordeaux printing press. In 1.5. the similarities of Etxepare with humanists and Renaissance writers prior to Du Bellay such as Tory and Dolet are highlighted, and in the following section (§1.6), we present a lexical examination of the Epistola-Dedicatoria, the Contrapas and the Sautrela which leads us in the same direction. In §1.7 and §1.8 we recall the parallel of the “Debile principium” shared with Rabelais and the Basque fragments of the latter.