How do I communicate between two computers on the same network?

How to connect two pc’s so that they work as one

Mastering the installation and knowing in depth what is the function of a computer network is a basic objective if you want to enter the world of computing. Our CISCO CCNA V7 Networking Specialization course can give you the knowledge you need to get you started professionally.

What is a computer network? A computer network, also known as a computer network or computer network, is a set of computers interconnected with each other, either through cables, waves or other data transport methods.

The concept appeared in 1969, with the creation of the first computer network in history: ARPANET. It consisted of four nodes spread across the United States. Simply put, it was an intra-university network connecting the University of California at Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, the Stanford Research Institute and the University of Utah.

The creation of the original computer network marked a before and after in the way information was exchanged. Suddenly physical distance was no longer a barrier and data could “fly” from one end of the country to the other in a matter of seconds.

Connecting two computers in a windows 10 network

If we have several computers in our house and all of them are connected to a router or switch to connect to the Internet, it would be a very good idea to connect them in a network to be able to share files. In this new step by step we are going to connect two computers in network or more than two, valid for different Windows operating systems.

Next, we click on the option “Change advanced sharing settings” and activate the corresponding options to allow file sharing on the networks we have defined.

If there is a connection between the computers, there should be no problem in their visibility. To see the connected computers, we go to the file explorer and enter the “Network” section. If we press “F5” we update the status of the folder and the computers should appear.

How to network two pc’s with windows 7 and windows 10

It is a network address translator and what it does is to identify which computer on our network is making a request to the Internet so that once resolved (the router already has the information) is redirected to the applicant.

If the cable only has the 4 twisted pairs plus the sheath it is called UTP. As usual, this name comes from English and stands for Unshielded Twisted Pair.

The purpose of twisting the cables is to reduce the interference generated between the external and internal cables. It has been proven that the more frequent each braid is, the lower the interferences between cables and, consequently, the higher the network speeds increase.

For the second cable we have S/UTP (also called FTP), which specifies a Shielded/Unshielded Twisted Pair, i.e. a Shielded/Unshielded Twisted Pair cable, therefore we have the external shielding but not the internal shielding.

Activity 5. We have a data cable coming from the router to one of the bedrooms of a house. In that bedroom it is necessary to make a second ethernet installation but the channelization of the house only allows to pass a single cable. Investigate how we can service two pc’s per cable (2 cables are needed). Note:

How to network two computers via wifi

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait…Rating: 4.7/5 (82 votes cast)Without a doubt, routers have become the most popular interconnection devices, thanks in large part to being the device that telecommunications providers provide to their residential customers to establish an Internet connection. The residential router also includes several additional functions that make it, so to speak, the central element of home communications.

Again, the above definitions are based on the view of the residential router that many people have of routers. In this article we will focus on its primary function as an information router. First of all, our definition.

The term router could be translated as router or router. From a telematics point of view, a router is a network device used to link networks and route data between them. It’s as simple as that.

To understand the “network bonding” function of routers, it is useful to be clear about what a network is from a routing point of view. Generally, the term network is applied to a group of interconnected devices. However, for a router, a network is a grouping of devices connected to each other … but using the same addressing range. In other words, routers look at the IP addresses of devices to determine whether or not they belong to the same network.