Should recycling be made mandatory persuasive essay?

Why it is important to recycle

World Recycling Day is a date designed to make people aware of the importance of treating waste properly, so as not to contribute to climate change, and thus protect the environment.

The Earth has a limited amount of natural resources and a capacity to accumulate waste and residues, so recycling minimizes the effect of pollution on the planet and advances in the development of sustainable practices for future generations.

The recycling of certain products would lead to a decrease in the exploitation of natural resources, the reuse of products is also reflected in lower energy consumption by companies.

Experts in this field affirm that if product recycling were adopted by a large part of the world’s population, the reduction of greenhouse gases would be similar to that which would result from the elimination of 2 million cars.

Why recycling is important for children

In Japan, all residents are responsible for sorting their garbage into various waste streams.  They must label the clear garbage bags with their name and address, so that the contents can be easily identified.

If anything is incorrectly sorted, the bag will be returned to them and they will be instructed to sort the garbage correctly.  This strict system has resulted in about 99 percent of Japan’s municipal waste being diverted from landfills.

As I walk past a wall of black garbage bags outside my Manhattan apartment building, I wonder: if an entire country can have such strict standards and rules for its citizens in disposing of their waste, why not New York City?

The city should include composting as one of the waste streams that New Yorkers must separate along with recycling.  This should be mandatory citywide as soon as possible, not only to achieve de Blasio’s 2030 goal, but also for the health and longevity of our city and planet.

What do you think about recycling?

Climate change, the depletion of natural resources, pollution, the loss of flora and fauna with their extinction, or the deforestation of trees are factors that endanger humanity, but if people are aware of this and take care of the environment, everything can change.

Therefore, in today’s article we are going to explain how to recycle at home and take care of the environment, taking into account where each waste we generate goes and telling you some tips and tricks to recycle and be more ecofriendly. Will you join us to change the planet? Take note of our recommendations

Every day thousands of tons of garbage are generated in the world and, because of the waste that we cause in our daily lives, the oceans and rivers are damaged endangering thousands of animals or simply creating pollution in the environment capable of killing the population.

Therefore, I assure you that it is a good time to become eco-friendly and start being respectful with the ecosystem, maintaining a balance between social, economic and environmental factors.

Why it is important to recycle plastic

Administrations have the obligation to provide citizens with the necessary means to recycle, even if they are not obliged to do so. However, those who do not recycle correctly can be fined, with penalties that depend on the Ordinances of each municipality.

Complaints may be made against the municipality or, failing that, against the president of the municipality. A judgment of the Supreme Court empowers municipal environmental inspectors to access without prior notice, accrediting their function, to the facilities in which activities regulated in the aforementioned Ordinance are carried out, authorizing them to inspect the contents of the containers or garbage bags, fining up to 3,000 euros to the Community that does not comply with the regulations.