What happens with crushed cars?

Removal of junk cars at home

A channel on TikTok shows the process of sectioning an unserviceable vehicle into parts and then crushing it. This process is intended to recycle some auto parts to turn them into new raw materials.

However, it is part of the circle of automotive life, where old cars are cut up to be recycled into new raw materials that can be used to make more cars.  The recycling process usually requires cars to be stripped before they are sent to the shredder, and you can see that process in all its lurid detail thanks to the adamp402 channel on TikTok.

The videos posted on the channel show a wide spectrum of activity at the scrap yard.  The most basic work involves loading old car bodies into a simple hydraulic press that crushes them.  However, to showcase the operator’s skills, there are videos documenting the process of disassembling a car using a hydraulic grapple attachment installed on an excavator.


Granutech’s Big MAC portable shredder takes about 45 seconds per car and can shred four or five cars at a time. Overbuilt’s Model 10 shredder is built with increased platform clearance, allowing it to crush trucks and buses, or six cars at a time. A special hydraulic system that allows for rapid transfer of hydraulic fluid increases the overall crushing speed [Source: American Recycler ].

Car crusher as a murder weapon It’s something everyone ponders, if only for a moment, when they see a car crusher in action: what if a person was actually in the car when it was crushed? That horrible thought has led to the car crusher being used as a murder weapon, a means of body disposal or a simple but effective threat in countless movies and detective novels . The James Bond movie “Goldfinger” and the remake of “Gone in 60 Seconds” are just two examples. But has it ever really happened?

What to do with junk cars

Simplifying, but going to the heart of the matter, the objective of Road Safety is that people do not get killed when using land vehicles with autonomous driving and with freedom of trajectory: cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles; and because of their obvious cause/effect relationship, that there are no victims among pedestrians who share, in one way or another, the roads with them. The first thing that must be accepted is that the handling of all these vehicles (from the large articulated lorry to the simple bicycle) is dangerous; not only potentially, as is often said, but from the moment they start moving. There are no rails here, as there are for trains or streetcars, and at the controls of trajectory and speed are thousands, millions of citizens whose expertise is backed by having passed an exam which, although better designed in some countries than in others, we all know to what extent it can guarantee sufficient capacity; subsequently improved (or worsened) by a practice whose vices may never be corrected by anyone.

Junk cars for sale

What they have done with the 68 luxury vehicles that have been confiscated for having been smuggled into the country, without having paid the corresponding taxes and without having the papers in order, has been to gather them in a wasteland… and let several heavy machines pass over them, crushing them mercilessly. These cars and motorcycles, which also passed under the caterpillar tracks of the machines, were not only destroyed, but also sent a very clear message: in the Philippines they take the law very seriously.