What kind of plastic does Polaris use?

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The term side-by-side (SXS) covers a broad category of vehicles, from gardener’s micro-trucks to desert racers. Desert racing versions are more appropriately called MOHUVs, which stands for Multipurpose Off-Highway Utility Vehicle, Multipurpose Off-Highway Utility Vehicles. There are many different brands on the market, but Polaris is at the forefront of affordable off-roaders with several different models of its popular RZR (pronounced Razor).

The anatomy of a MOHUV is fairly simple. The vehicle is built around a tube frame with rollover protection and some plastic body panels to help keep some of the rocks and stones out of the vehicle. The most important part is the driveline. The most basic Polaris RZR for racing is the XP, powered by a two-cylinder, 1000cc ProStar engine with 110 horsepower. There are less expensive 45- and 75-horsepower models, but neither are affordable enough to justify the loss of power.

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We are all (I guess) familiar with the invention of the Tweel, the Michelin wheels that work without air. It dates back to 2004 and almost since then the video has been running around. Bridgestone came out with its own version in late 2011. Both manufacturers, however, ruled out that they were going to bring such airless tires to market. At least for now.

In the specific case of Bridgestone, it was said that each wheel weighed 50 kg and could resist three times that mass, so at the moment 150 kg for 4 wheels that a car has gives insufficient resistance. Well, now we have the case of Polaris, a company dedicated to off-road vehicles that even supplies the Army. And they say they are going to commercialize airless tires.

Perhaps the key is to be found in Resilient Technologies, a technological innovation company recently acquired by Polaris, which, it seems, has come up with the formula for making the traditional tire a thing of the past. The non-tires are composed of three elements: rubber in the tread, a stress-absorbing mesh and a steel rim.

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The shifter is so earlier for the Slingshot SL 2020, as it offers an automatic transmission called AutoDrive, which states that the AutoDrive is “a 5-speed hydraulically operated automated manual sychromesh transmission.” Instead of the shifter, you’re left with three buttons: reverse, drive and neutral. Basically, the automatic transmission eliminates the shifter and clutch pedal. In other words, only the steering wheel, throttle and brake pedals are all that’s needed to get the Slingshot SL on the road. This is an added benefit, as it makes the SL more inclusive for buyers who are clueless or unwilling to shift.

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