How can I make money with used tires?

Where to get free used tires

A whole tire that can be reused costs $50 to $100, while unrepaired tires have no commercial value, “we charge for receiving them,” says Magally Arevalo.

Where can I sell used tires? You can sell used tires at a local body shop, online at a marketplace like Craigslist (if they are in good condition) or at a company that recycles them into a new product. This is only if they are still usable.

Rueda Verde is a non-profit organization that develops a sustainable system of selective collection and environmental management of used tires, with the purpose of preventing and controlling environmental degradation, in accordance with current Colombian regulations.

Used tires are not considered hazardous waste in Colombia; however, they need to be returned to the producers to promote recycling, use as asphalt aggregate or retreading, and to prevent them from being burned in open spaces and as fuel in activities such as the burning of tires in the open air and the …

Tire recycling

The treatment process is carried out by companies such as Signus and TNU, which start by collecting tires that are no longer useful from garages. The collection, which is compulsory, is free of charge for the companies from which the tires for recycling originate, and the cost is paid by the user in the form of a fee which, depending on the weight, costs from 0.77 euros for a moped tire. Once they are collected, they are taken to a recovery plant to separate them into those that can be used second-hand and those that are to be retreaded; if they cannot be reused, they will go to the recycling plant.

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How to make shingles from used tires

There are mechanic shops, junkyards or online sites dedicated to selling used tires that are cheaper than new ones and will get you out of a jam. However, check carefully the condition of the tires, make sure they don’t have many repairs, cracks or chips, as this could result in higher expenses in a short time or put your safety at risk.

Car lifts offer numerous benefits in certain establishments that work with vehicles, ranging from personnel safety to space utilization.

How much they pay for used tires

Recycling used tires is not only environmentally friendly, but it can also help you earn cash. If you want to recycle tires for cash as a business, there are several ways of referral:

It is convenient for the individual. However, because it is difficult to dispose of and consumes a lot of landfill space, you may have to pay for tire recycling. Some governments imposed a levy on new tires for recycling. It is expensive for someone who has a lot of tires or rubber products, such as conveyor belts, to process. While on the other hand, it means there are rich and cheap raw materials, which makes the tire recycling business more profitable.

The tire shredding machine can cut tires into rubber materials, which will then be used to make everything from mulch, rubber mats, asphalt and so on. In addition, shredded tires are also popular as a substitute for sand or clay in civil engineering, such as road and landfill construction, landfill covers, septic tank fields and many construction jobs. Of course, you can sell the shredded tires to the pyrolysis plant.