Recycle plastic zip ties

Plastic ties are very useful for grouping all kinds of things at home or at work. But when they have served their purpose and need to be thrown away, it is common to wonder what other use can be given to them?

Believe it or not, plastic ties can be recycled and reused in many other daily tasks. Besides, by giving a second use to these plastic objects you will be helping with the preservation of the environment.

If you want to know all the options for recycling plastic cable ties, keep reading this post.

How to recycle a plastic zip tie

Plastic cable ties are used to hold all kinds of cables and keep them tidy. However, their use has become popular and nowadays, it is common to use them to make all kinds of ties. They are also used as seals to prevent access to boxes or drawers.

These elements are very resistant and at the same time, as they are made of plastic, they are a source of environmental pollution once they have fulfilled their function. This is why the best way to dispose of cable ties is by recycling.

One way to discard cable ties is to gather them in a bag and take them to a plastic recycling center. Rest assured, the environment will thank you.

You can also give a new use to these plastic elements, since in most cases if you know how to treat them you can reuse them. Reusing a cable tie is quite simple, and you only need to have a needle.

The first thing you need to do is to put the needle through the zipper and lift the flange a little, and then you will be able to remove the plastic tape. After this, you will have the cable tie in its original state for future use.

But, if you feel that the cable tie is not in good condition for cable ties, you can also reuse it for other activities. Below, you will see many ideas for reusing a cable tie at home or at work.

Ideas for Recycling a Plastic zip tie

There are hundreds of ideas to give a new use to these objects at home, as they are of great help for many things in the house. However, the ideas you will find here are very ingenious and are based on using recycled cable ties.

Recycled colored cable ties as keychains

If you have a large set of keys, and sometimes you find it hard to get the right one to open a door, you can’t miss this idea. Recycled colored cable ties are ideal to use them as keychains and to classify keys.

For example, if you have a large bunch of keys, you can use a blue one to group all the house keys, a red one to group the work keys and a yellow one for the keys of an annex.

This way, when you get home and take out the bunch of keys, you will be able to easily recognize which ones are the right ones for your home. Likewise, it will happen when you go to work or want to enter the annex.

Recycling plastic zip ties into a hanging garden

If you like gardening and want to give a more elegant touch to your garden or home, you can use recycled ties to make a hanging garden. The idea is very simple, you just need to plant several plants in some plastic containers (they can also be recycled).

Then you open some small holes in the containers so that you can put the flange through and make a good fastening. Finally, find a place to hang the pot (it can be on the handrails or window bars) and that’s it.

So simple, it is to create a hanging garden using recycled flanges and do not worry about their safety, as these elements are quite resistant. In addition, they are designed to withstand a lot of weight and can be used in outdoor spaces outdoors.

Use recycled flanges to create snow tires

This idea is best applied to bicycles, however, there are many people who have used it in an emergency on their motorcycles or cars. If you are riding your bike on a snowy day and find that you need more traction to keep going, you can create snow tires in seconds.

You just need to place several plastic ties around the rim or tire, tighten them and cut off the excess tape. It is recommended to place at least one flange every 10 centimeters of clearance, to increase traction in the snow.

With this technique, it was already a problem to go out on the bike when there is snow on the street. It also prevents you from skidding and makes it easier to get out of thick snow.

Recycled zip ties to organize the garage

The garage is one of the spaces in the home where not only the car is kept, but also the tools are stored. Sometimes, there are so many tools that you don’t know where to put them, and they are left lying all over the place.

You can easily use recycled plastic ties to keep order in the garage. All you need to do is to set up a board with small holes. Then, you have to pass the cable tie through two holes behind the board and then fasten the tool.

Keep in mind, not to tighten the zippers too much, so that the tools can be easily taken out, and also you can put them back in. This way, you’ll have every tool in your garage close at hand. Also, you won’t waste time looking for them, as they will always be visible.

You can also place a kind of aerial rope where you can hold each of the tools with a recycled plastic tie. This way you will save more space and everything will be kept tidy in the garage.

As you appreciated today in our blog, plastic ties can be used in many activities once they have fulfilled their cycle of use. If you liked this recycling post, we ask you to share this topic with your friends. In this way, you will help to create ecological awareness by recycling plastic cable ties.