How can I recycle old jeans?

How to recycle women’s jeans

This looks like the work of my friend Amakuyi (who by the way I have pending to tell you what she is up to, this girl is an inexhaustible source of surprises and joys). As I was going. This notebook would be dull if it weren’t for that denim cover (even the pocket has been left and it looks so nice!).

If I knew how to sew I’m sure I’d make one of these. Every day at the bakery they give me a plastic bag because I never remember to take the bread bag with me. But hey, with one like this I don’t think I’d forget, pretty and practical, what more could you ask for?

If you find a nice box, put some wheels on it and make a nice cushion, you have an additional and fun chair. But if you also plant a denim, then it will be the bomb. It is certainly a prize for ingenuity and grace.

If you need to have at hand materials that do not weigh much (what do I know, makeup items, light tools or craft materials), you can make one like this. Notice that he has used a simple branch at the top, with string, and buttonholes with a button from the same denim. Look for pockets to sacrifice because you will need a few.

Recycle jeans legs

Do you have old jeans in your closet that you no longer wear?  While throwing them away may seem like the best solution, don’t fall into this trap!  In this article we want to give you some creative and fun ideas for recycling jeans in ways you may have never thought of. The art of creative jeans recycling can become a beautiful pastime for your moments of relaxation and the ways in which an old pair of jeans can regain a new life are really many! Are you ready to discover the most extravagant ways of an original recycling of used jeans? Then buckle up and get ready for a real avalanche of creative ideas!

Do you have guests for lunch and want to create an informal and not too formal table for them? Your jeans can be great allies!  Cut one leg of your jeans and remove all the seams.  With the addition of a bit of lace on the sides, your jeans will become a beautiful table runner on which to place the centerpiece.  Also, with the remaining pockets , you can create simple cutlery trays , but perfectly combined with the rest of the mise en place.  To complete your table set to perfection, if you have other jeans left over you can use them to create place cards or fabric cup holders that can also be washed, in short, if you plan to surprise everyone at your lunch / dinner. your creativity, recover used jeans and success will be guaranteed!

How to transform old jeans into new ones

To the water! By recycling old jeans, you can create such denim whales like these. You will need, of course, some skill with the sewing machine to put the pieces together and make it look this good.

Turn your pants into great shorts for the summer. You need scissors, textile dye, a cork stopper and bleach. WHAT? As you can hear. Check out the tutorial: how to recycle old jeans.

How can you make shorts if you don’t have room in your closet, you ask yourself? Well… if you don’t have room, it’s because you don’t want to. See how you can transform denim into handmade hangers to better organize your space.

And if the walls don’t convince you, you can make baskets like these. You’ll need the bottom of one of the legs and a circle of fabric to make the bottom. Good news! To do this, you don’t need to know how to sew

If every time you sit on the couch you lose your TV remote or don’t know where to put your cell phone, you’ve just found the perfect solution. Make yourself a cushion… with pockets! With denim, of course…

Recycling torn jeans

Recycling old jeans is not as difficult as it seems. Reusing denim is a great way to reduce waste, help the environment, and create a new accessory for your clothes or a decorative and pragmatic object for the home. Need some inspiration to get started? Here are some simple and quick recycled jeans ideas that anyone can do.

The long-awaited summer is approaching and with it the coolest clothes: muscle shirts, skirts and shorts. Goodbye sleeves and long legs, hello to freshness. How to make shorts with old jeans? Follow these instructions to turn your jeans into shorts in four steps:

Bags are one of those accessories that are never too much, like hats or sunglasses. To assemble our new wallet, we’re going to rely on the part of the waist, in the shot and in the crotch part.Ideas to recycle jeans legs.

Recycled jean aprons are always welcome. Protectors of our beloved garments, they are essential in painting and in the kitchen. To make your own apron, you are going to have to divide it into two parts: bottom and top.