Can ants become immune to Terro?

My cat ate terro liquid ant bait

The Cordyceps fungus is the parasite par excellence, with four hundred species in its genus, all of them invaders of foreign bodies. Its life depends on colonizing another body, and before dying it must water its spores to repeat the cycle. A parasite is a parasite is a parasite.

A tapeworm, Leucochloridium paradoxum, is one of nature’s most sophisticated parasites. To fulfill its cycle, it needs a combination of homes. First it manipulates the brain of its initial host, a flighty snail with a preference for shade, to invade it in such a way that – without killing it – it can climb up its tentacles: swelling and moving them, mimicking the insects for which the surrounding birds have a predilection. Then he forces the snail to move towards the light. Under the sun, its tentacles are easy prey for these birds. The birds, digesting the infected food, will release their excrement on the ground to contaminate another snail. And so on: again and again and again. The L. paradoxum, in order to survive, must move towards the destruction of the other. While their alliance with the birds does not endanger them, both are guilty of colluding against the snail. If only nature knew about guilt, of course.

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Adulterated foodNot long ago there was a rumor on the Internet that KFC had to remove the word “chicken” from its name because what they were selling was not really chicken, but something genetically engineered. There were even some surprising photos circulating. Food is often the victim of urban myths: MacDonald’s hamburgers are actually made of worms, Chinese restaurants serve dog meat and the brand’s pâté tins contain cockroaches. These legends are fed by the fact that in reality sometimes scandalous news do appear in the newspapers, like that of the Ikea cake in whose analysis they found human excrement, but I would like to think that in Europe at least there is a strict control of food safety and hygiene measures, or not? My favorite urban food legend comes from my childhood, at school there was a rumor that if you mixed Coca-Cola with aspirin you would get dope. So, in hyperonym: “dope”. Drug I don’t know, but it sure is an explosive mixture for the stomach.

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Diseases caused by arthropods in humans

ESPORTSVideo GamesRetro-Spective: Zombies Ate My Neighbors and the Best Horror MoviesA cult game about cult horror moviesThe box tells you everything you need to know about this game… or almost everything.Konami / LucasArts.

CDTMow CommentaryAmong fans of the retro vibe there’s an unwritten rule about the quality of nostalgic products: a thing doesn’t have to be excellent to be good. And we could even rephrase: a thing can be so bad that it is good. Let’s think, for example, of horror movies: those that built our current idea of fear and violence in cinema, those that created unforgettable characters like Freddie Krueger or Jason Voorhes or Michael Myers, those that became unforgettable references, seen now, they are not even scary. Some of them weren’t even scary in their time. But they are classics. Why? For some reason that we don’t understand (or that understanding is not the purpose of this article) all those monsters are so attractive that they can be recognized as icons. A bestial killer becomes immediately worse with a field hockey mask, Frankenstein’s monster will always look like the one played by Boris Karloff in 1931 and the best zombies are the ones that look like George Romero’s. And there is a game that took all those references, made a soup of nostalgia with them, a good dose of humor and created a game that at the time was not considered excellent. And that’s why now we know it’s very good.

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Este artículo desarrolla el concepto de “ficción inmunitaria” tomando como ejemplos paradigmáticos las epidemias y las narrativas de zombis, que comparten la idea de contagio como matriz principal de su narrativa. El artículo trata de abordar la siguiente cuestión: ¿de qué manera estas ficciones, y otras similares, participan del imaginario de la inmunidad y, al mismo tiempo, muestran algunas de sus contradicciones internas? Para ello, el texto reflexiona sobre un conjunto de productos culturales de difusión masiva (novelas, series de televisión, obras cinematográficas). Analizamos, en primer lugar, cómo estas ficciones ponen de manifiesto los miedos y ansiedades sociales vinculados a las tensiones del “paradigma inmunitario” y representan las complejas relaciones entre la comunidad, sus amenazas y las posibles formas de inmunización. En un segundo momento, el texto describe cómo generan una experiencia narrativa impactante que busca producir un miedo derivado en su audiencia que refuerza y consolida la lógica social de la inmunidad y legitima sus múltiples formas de violencia frente a las amenazas.