Do mobility scooters have reverse?


The FASTER model is one of the most popular scooters because it offers great stability for drivers thanks to its 4 wheels. This model is available with lead-acid batteries and a removable lithium-ion battery.

The Faster is the most reliable mobility scooter developed by Veleco. The four wheels offer high stability and ensure additional safety while driving. For this reason, the Faster is also our bestseller and one of the most popular scooters among seniors.

Equipped with a powerful 1000W brushless motor, the scooter can reach a range of up to 60 kilometers. The Faster is a safe electric scooter that can be a great help in your everyday life. The vehicle is also intended for people who still want to be mobile at their age. The electric scooter not only brings you new friends in life, but also gives you back your mobility and independence.

The Faster is also available with a removable lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery is located in the storage space under the seat* and can be quickly removed from the scooter. It can be charged directly on the scooter or simply take the lithium battery home and charge it there. The Faster is also available with a roof, which can protect it from the sun or rain. See the FASTER with roof.

Mobility scooter for the disabled price

Mobie+ lightweight scooters fold and unfold simply and quickly without tools. Once folded, the scooter becomes extremely compact, and at only 23.3kg it can be transported and stored almost anywhere. The lithium battery used to power the mobility scooter is approved by aviation standards, making it suitable for air travel.

With ride comfort in mind, the armrests and seat are made of soft polyurethane. The height and angle of the operating lever are also adjusted for maximum comfort.

Foldable electric scooter for disabled people

It is important to note that these ratings are personal and are based on our experience and the opinions of our customers. No brand or manufacturer sponsors this article (nor do we want them to do so to preserve our independence).

I also remind you that if you have a disability certificate of more than 33% you are entitled to a VAT reduction. In scooters for people with disabilities the default VAT is 21% and with the certificate drops to 4% so the savings is considerable.

They are the best selling models on the market, with a big difference compared to the rest. They are economical, transportable and with a very good maneuverability. A little weak in outdoor behavior but as I said before, you can not have everything.

Scooter with excellent value for money. For people who need a scooter for daily use in the city and do not need to make long trips. Batteries of 12Ah. and engines of 180W, both a little fair but enough for many users in their day to day getting a very tight price. You can find it in version Libercar Smart of 3 wheels or in version of 4 wheels:

Manufacturers of electric scooters for the disabled

Fall in love with the Premium version of our mobility scooter 500W, available in 3 colors and with a comfortable seat with armrest ideal for long journeys around the city without getting tired. Foldable and with autonomy up to 80 kilometers.

The three-wheeled mobility scooter model is easily foldable, these reduced mobility vehicles are perfect for active people who like to travel. In addition, folding scooters, often called handicapped travel scooters, disassemble into lightweight parts and fit in the trunk of most cars. The Folding model is a detachable single-seater trike with a 250W 36V motor and several range options available for the user to choose from.

Physical limitations don’t have to be the end of your mobility, far from it. With the EASY GO electric travel chair you can resume the moments of leisure and independence that electric mobility gives you.