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In 1348 A.D. an epidemic swept through Europe and Asia. Overcrowded cities and a lack of garbage collection services contributed to widespread cases of typhus, dysentery and influenza; and then came the dreaded “Black Death,” which killed nearly a third of the continent’s population.

In 1690 A.D., recycling was introduced for the first time in the manufacturing industry and it was in the USA, in the historic town of Rittenhouse Mill, near Philadelphia, that paper fiber was made from recycled cotton and linen rags and cloth.

It was not until the Industrial Revolution (19th century) that man was able to counteract the harmful effects of garbage on nature. People were so busy recovering clothing, metals, stones and other materials and putting them to new uses that some historians have dubbed that period “the golden age of recycling”.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the “throwaway consumerist boom” arrived, with single-use products and packaging, which caused a widespread problem that continues to this day of excessive accumulation of garbage in landfills.

How much garbage is generated in the United States

Before knowing how paper is recycled, it is important to know that the production of this material is possible thanks to the implementation of a cycle that starts with a natural and renewable resource such as cellulose fiber, and closes with the successive recycling processes. The cycle begins with the manufacture of cellulose from wood, and continues with the subsequent manufacture of paper from this virgin fiber, which is given more than one opportunity through recycling. The virgin fiber and the recycled one are, therefore, the same in two moments of its life. What paper recycling allows is to optimize the use of a natural and renewable resource such as cellulose fiber.

The generation of this type of waste makes it essential to recycle paper and cardboard. Although it may be thought that it is possible to recycle all types of paper, this is not the case. This is because what is really recycled is cellulose, the main material that makes up paper. However, not everything is composed of it. Among the papers that can be recycled are:

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We know. Recycling is often not easy and there are certain products that always generate doubts. If this happens to you, the best option is to throw it in the organic garbage bin, although from Limpiezas Garro we hope that this post will help you to learn how to recycle correctly and know what you have to throw in each garbage bin.

Garbage and the accumulation of waste have many consequences that can be harmful to the community, such as the appearance of pests or health problems. In the same way that it can generate a bad image if garbage and dirt accumulates around the facade. In this sense, it is important to take into account that it is not only the interior cleaning, but also the exterior area that will allow to have a better control over the order and cleanliness of all the spaces.

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What the U.S. is doing with the garbage

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in English and written by Catalina Jaramillo for WHYY. It was translated by Diana Cristancho and edited by Gabriela Rivera for Kensington Voice.

Philadelphia receives an abundance of trash complaints, but complaints made to 311 about trash and recycling this week are up 10-fold from a daily average of about 110 before April to more than 1,090 on July 13.

My neighbor’s trash not picked up at the corner of Forrest and Upsal, despite the fact that we were promised that the trash trucks would return. It is now 3 days late. This is unacceptable. We pay taxes @PhilaStreets. Come pick up the trash.- Solomon Jones (@solomonjones1) July 16, 2020

“Our people have been home for five months. And I know in my own living situation, we’ve been producing a lot more trash than we would have if we went to work every day,” Mayor Jim Kenney said Thursday.

“By the way, it’s also been a little hot, if anybody hasn’t noticed that. It’s been hot and this is a historic pandemic and a practical financial depression. I mean, I think our workers are doing a good job, frankly,” Kenney said.