How do you attach fake grass to a wall?

Artificial Grass for Outdoor Wall

It doesn’t matter what your artificial grass needs are or what your budget is, because I have done an in-depth analysis to include the best rated options suitable for diversified usage needs and different budget ranges.

To make this list an unbiased resource for choosing the best quality/price artificial synthetic grass, I contacted 19 experts and discussed various aspects to consider. After much discussion, I reviewed customer reviews, researched name brands and many other things. Because my goal is to recommend products that are very affordable.

1. LUCATEX – roll GUIMARAS artificial grass 2x10meters – 20mm high – high density – professional quality – ideal for outdoors, pools, terraces, garden, ideal pets – easy installation -Garden.

3. LUCATEX – artificial grass roll Vegas 1x4meters – 40mm high – high density – very realistic – professional quality – ideal for outdoors, pools, terraces, garden, ideal for pets – easy installation -Garden 3.

How to glue artificial grass on concrete

If you want your patio or terrace to acquire a natural and comfortable look without the maintenance of having a lawn, go ahead and lay artificial grass. It is a resistant and attractive solution that will renew the space completely. We tell you how to lay artificial grass step by step.

1.3: Turn the lawn over, leaving the lower part visible. Cut strips with the necessary size to cover the entire space and check that all the pieces fit together properly. Before placing the pieces, it is essential to verify that the joints will be imperceptible. Leave a surplus of about 8-10 cm on the perimeter: when you finish the installation of artificial turf, you can cut it to fit the edges perfectly.

To know how to lay artificial grass, make sure that the grass fibers are facing the same direction (grass looks more natural when the fibers are pointing towards you) so that the surface is unified. Paying attention to the inclination of the fibers will make your job easier.

Grass panels for walls

When we talk about new trends in decoration today, artificial grass on walls has become a key element. Creating an artificial vertical garden is a very good option to decorate a space with original areas, full of color and freshness. A fashion increasingly booming, not only in interior walls, also very visible for installations on walls or facades of buildings.

Artificial vertical gardens are emerging as the best alternative for many people to enjoy, at a very low cost, all the advantages of the natural garden, being much easier to maintain.

There are infinite possibilities, since thanks to the artificial grass on walls there are many combinations that you can make in any type of installation, whether in offices, restaurants or stores.

Another great option to create an artificial vertical garden is to use artificial grass on exterior walls, that is, on facades, terraces, balconies or outside your business. This way you can give a greater sense of nature without having to worry about maintenance. Using this decorative element to cover a facade provides an aesthetic that will not go unnoticed, with a very natural space.

Artificial synthetic grass for walls sodimac

The new trends in the installation of artificial grass on indoor floors and walls have modified their gluing techniques to make the grass removable. Let’s see all the systems.

To follow the installation logic we will start from what you have available in the stores, so we will rely on the adhesive collection of a leading specialist in gluing artificial turf such as Bostik.

The adhesive we have used in our video is the Decogreen Xtrem Tack. If the piece is large, you may need more than one cartridge. It is important to apply it very generously, otherwise we run the risk of forming pockets.