What can I do with old bags of cement?

How to know if cement is no longer useful

One of them, and one of the most basic, is cement, since you will buy it in large quantities and it is vital that you know that it has an expiration date and that its useful life is shortened once the bag or sack is opened.

You should find the expiration date on the packaging, since certified products must have it. It is usual for a bag of cement to have an expiration date of 45 days after the day it was packaged, so that the cement retains all its properties, usefulness and quality.

The best thing to do in these cases is not to take any risks, because no matter how cheap a bag of cement of a non-recognized brand may be, it is most likely expired and our work is at high risk of collapse. Check here the price per ton of cement!

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I can use hard cement

My question is, once this mortar is applied, will it be the same as a new one, or should I throw it away, that is to say, will I notice any difference compared to a new mortar when it sets? ( weaker, sandier or strange things ).

Seriously now, it will behave as you presume, so you know what to do. If you have only used it to fill, then whatever it holds. And if you don’t trust it, remove it and apply another one, your peace of mind is priceless.

The products that have an expiration date is because after a certain time they lose some of their properties (resistance, adherence, etc). If the bag you have has expired, the ideal is not to use it.

What happens if the cement hardens

Hi, I want to put tiles on my garage floor. I have a (minor) problem with this: all DIY stores sell bags of ciment (the glue for the tiles) in 25 kg bags. With such a bag you can make 4 to 7 m2. Here they cost 6.20 euros. I just can’t lift them in my car…. I can lift a 25 kg bucket, but not a (paper) bag of foundation.I’m sure I won’t have to look long for a good soul in the store to help me, but how can I get them out of my car, once I’m home? (no man or woman strong enough).Does anyone have a trick? I imagine many men and women are strong enough, but also many men and women are like me. I don’t want to pay 26-45 ! euros for a 25 kg bucket just because I can’t lift the bags.

What to do when cement hardens

CPC 30R IMPERCEM® is a gray Portland cement, which meets the characteristics of a CPC 30R Extra, for general use, maintains the characteristics of CEMEX CPC 30R cements, strength, setting and performance, offering waterproofing characteristics.

IMPERCEM cement can be used in all types of structural masonry elements and applications such as floors, floors, slabs, castles, beams, footings, slabs, columns, shoring, block bonding, grouting, etc.

CPC 30R IMPERCEM is a gray Portland cement, which meets the characteristics of a CPC 30 R Extra, for general use, maintains the characteristics of CEMEX CPC 30R cements, resistance, setting and performance, offering waterproof characteristics.

NOTE: It is also recommended for swimming pools, water tanks, cisterns or piles, as long as the concrete element is monolithic, to avoid cold joints that are weak points for water filtration, and the structural calculation is made considering the hydrostatic pressure. IMPERCEM cement makes it possible to produce mixes that are very easy to work with and have good homogeneity, which prevents segregation and helps minimize concrete bleeding, so that it can be handled and placed more easily, providing more durable elements.