Who is the mother of environmental science?

Mujeres defensoras del medio ambiente

La existencia de una ciencia del medio ambiente es reconocida en libros, revistas de ciencia así como en estudios de grado y postgrado. Sin embargo, se desconoce su existencia, ya sea de manera literal o indirecta, cuando, por ejemplo, no se considera su contribución a los temas relacionados con la ciencia y la tecnología de la sostenibilidad. Este antecedente se presenta en este trabajo y se conecta con su objetivo, que es dilucidar la existencia y estructura de la ciencia ambiental. Para ello, analizo la relación de las disciplinas con la compleja dimensión del medio ambiente como objeto y los aspectos metodológicos derivados de ella. Para contribuir a dicha clarificación conceptual, identifico las distintas acepciones de medio ambiente que se suelen incluir en la bibliografía. Además, discuto otros aspectos relacionados con la multidisciplinariedad, la interdisciplinariedad y la transdisciplinariedad junto con el estatus epistémico de la ciencia ambiental. Concluyo que una mayor precisión conceptual basada en un marco compartido por las disciplinas que estudian el medio ambiente, incluida la ciencia ambiental, y los diversos actores involucrados en las cuestiones ambientales favorecerá el refinamiento de las metodologías tendiendo a disminuir la fragmentación de las investigaciones relacionadas y las aplicaciones para su resolución.

Silent Spring chapter-by-chapter summary

In response to this problematic situation, International Mother Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to change human attitudes and behavior on plastics.

“The big decisions ahead of us are not just for lawmakers and world leaders. Today, on this Mother Earth Day, I call on all of us to be aware of the consequences of our choices for the planet and what they will mean for future generations” (Ban Ki-moon).

This day provides an opportunity to raise awareness among all the inhabitants of the planet about the problems affecting the Earth and the different forms of life on it (UN Resolution 63/278).

The International Mother Earth Day has been dedicated to climate change (2013), the promotion of green cities (2014) or environmental and climate literacy (2017) among other themes. This April 22, 2018 is committed to raising global awareness of the end of plastic pollution.

Silent spring trial

Unfortunately, we are not doing much to protect it. Pachamama is the main victim of our current society and its effects on the environment. Climate change, extreme events related to it, waste accumulates. Pollution in the cities, in our water sources. The destruction of ecosystems… It seems so illogical, so irresponsible.

Certainly, modern society is much more complex in its interactions with the environment. In contrast to those of old, modern society is characterized by large-scale mechanization, massive use of technology and corporate dominance, as well as of course, across the board, the exploitation of natural resources.

World Environment Day, first celebrated in 1974, has become a flagship initiative for raising awareness of emerging environmental issues, from marine pollution and global warming to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime.

Rachel carson biography

In her keynote speech she was moved to show the video where the chimpanzee “Wounda” embraces her before returning to freedom. With that fragility that harbors an inexhaustible passion, she told us of her hope for a better world, for the determination of young people, the intelligence and indomitable human spirit and the resilience of nature. Pillars replicated in the brand new foundation of the Jane Goodall Institute in Chile with the youth program Roots & Shoots. All without letting go of her stuffed monkey “Mr. H”.

So now, people who donate money to protect the environment and chimpanzees in Africa can be given proof that we are using the money received for that. In addition to focusing the work on the areas that need it most, optimizing the use of resources.

This is why I came up with the idea that all Roots & Shoots programs around the world choose a Chilean animal as their mascot and, if necessary, raise awareness about that species, learn about it, write about it and raise money for its protection.