Why is Burger King using paper straws?

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Burger King, meanwhile, is installing amnesty garbage cans in each of its restaurants across the UK. In them, people can drop off any plastic toys for free, including those given away with sweets or in children’s magazines. The plastic will be transformed into new play areas and restaurant items, including interactive trays. Burger King global marketing director Fernando Machado said, “We are a global brand, and the UK market will lead the way in taking this first step towards change, which is part of our wider commitment to reduce plastics.”

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Why is burger king using paper straws? del momento

This measure is in line with the European regulation that will prohibit the sale of single-use plastics such as straws, ear buds or cutlery, among other products, from 2021, to combat plastic pollution that floods the oceans.

Although paper straws may have a lower environmental impact than those made from plastic, environmentalists agree that the most sustainable form of consumption is one that opts for reusable products, i.e. those that do not encourage the “throwaway” culture that floods the world with waste.  Follow the topics that interest you

Why is burger king using paper straws? online

Burger King claims to have taken the decision in response to a petition posted on Change.org in which sisters Ella and Caitlin McEwan asked Burger King and McDonald’s to stop giving away plastic toys for the sake of the environment. The company’s UK director, Alasdair Murdoch, also explained that the toy recall is part of an overall strategy to reduce the packaging of its products.

Burger King has announced, in fact, that plastic toys from competitors, magazines, breakfast cereals, etc., can also be deposited in the garbage cans it will install in its UK stores. All the items collected will be recycled to make play areas and trays.