Can Canon Selphy cartridges be recycled?

Copy GUIDE: Resetting and Refilling Alternate Cartridges

To review some of these factors, it is not the same to turn on the printer and print a 40-page job as it is to turn on the printer 40 times to print a one-page job at a time. Most printers perform maintenance and service tasks that consume ink, so generally the first option will consume less ink than 40 starts.

This is the most important factor as logically it is not the same to print a photo that covers half a page as it is to print an ordinary text. But how do we measure the amount of ink that ends up on the paper and therefore the pages that a cartridge can print?  We have ISO standards for this:

When on the box of a cartridge we read that we can print ~480* pages it means: if we take a DIN-A4 sheet and divide it into 100 equal parts, and print 5 of these squares entirely in black, then we could print 480 pages of these with our cartridge.

Although this 5% coverage is not very accurate in our opinion, it is the way we have to compare cartridge yields between different printers, manufacturers, etc… and it is a very reliable way, since those ISO pages used to make the measurement are the same for all.


The evolution of these devices has been impressive. It has gone from devices that could only reproduce text of not too high quality and at low speeds, to instruments that can reproduce images or text of enormous resolution in record time.

Although there is a growing trend towards digital, printers are still widely used, both in homes and businesses. For studying, keeping household accounts, printing official documents, even photographs!

On the other hand, ink cartridges are those that, logically, contain the ink. They can be compatible, recycled or of the original brand. Whatever the case, they do not last forever, and when they wear out, we must dispose of them in the right place, just like the printer itself! At Ecoembes we know the importance of this type of device. That is why, when this one breaks down beyond repair, or we are simply looking for one with other characteristics, do we know what to do with the old ones?

All these appliances and accessories should be taken to clean points. They will be taken care of there. In addition, old printers can also be taken to the establishment where the new one is purchased. Many manufacturers also have recycling programs for ink and toner cartridges. Find out more!


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Canon PIXMA E471 printer installation

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The cardboard packaging always contains the Canon logo and numerous technical data. The most important identification mark of the original inks is the Canon hologram, which is located on the front of the packaging, depending on the viewing angle, both terms appear:

The figure on the right shows the graphic when the word “Genuine” is visible. The graphic is linear and transforms into a waveform when rotated. When viewed from above, the hologram appears iridescent gold and changes to a dark iridescent green when viewed from the side.

Plastic containers (also called blister packs) are made of thermoformed plastic. They provide optimum protection for ink cartridges and cannot be easily imitated or cloned.