Can you use a hair dryer to bend PVC pipe?

How to bend 2 inch pvc pipe

One of the great advantages of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is that, with the right temperature, this thermoplastic can be bent. In this way, if we are making an installation we can adapt it to the space we have or give it the shape we are interested in without worrying that this modification can play against us.

All we will need is a hot air welder, masking tape or insulating tape and sand. This system, of easy execution, makes that we are able to bend tubes of different thicknesses with a good result.

Making mistakes in any of the steps of the process, or not being clear about what to do after heating the thermoplastic can result in unwanted creases in the conduction.

It is also advisable to wear a mask when heating PVC and to carry out the process, if possible, in an open space or, failing that, in a well-ventilated area. This thermoplastic, when it reaches the melting point, can emit hydrochloric gas.

PVC Pipe Bender

A key characteristic of low pressure polyethylene is its good strength. This property is maintained at material temperature. If HDPE is heated to + 80 ° C, then it softens and becomes more viscous, which will lead to a decrease in the ability to resist deformation. It is still allowed to raise the temperature only for a short time.

Using a hair dryer requires that certain rules be followed. In particular, when heating the workpiece, be very careful. A significant distance of the heat source from its surface will cause insufficient softening of the polymer, leading to improper deformation. On the other hand, exposure to high temperatures, not to mention open fire, can cause a material to ignite.

Of course, waiting especially for the summer and delaying the construction of the pipe due to the bending of its constituent elements is an unjustified waste of time. If it is already cold outside, then to straighten the curved sections, it is necessary to stretch the pipes in the same way as in the summer, but apply them in warm water or hot air. At the same time, with significant communication, professionals recommend using a special device – a trolley with an aluminum frame. It can be used for straightening pipes with a diameter of 14 ≤ D ≤ 20 mm. Bends are removed by rotating rollers, and rubber wheels provide ease of movement.

How to heat a pvc pipe without a blow torch

I have seen electricians that when they put pvc pipe or fergon or whatever it is called in the installations, especially in garages, to make elbows and other molding of the pipe, they use hot air guns, even say that with a blowtorch is done. With a hair dryer could it be done?

Post by BarceloI have seen electricians that when they put pvc pipe or fergon or whatever it is called in the facilities, especially in garages, to make elbows and other molding of the pipe, use hot air guns, inclusoodicen que con un soplete se hace.para hacer yo cuatro cosillas, merece la pena comprar una de estaspistolas? If we are not talking about very large PVC pipes, but for a few small cables, I understand that a lighter is enough. You pass it a few times carefully and it molds to the cable and the shape you give it.

It is very simple. I have done it many times, but first I will tell you that they sell flexible PVC pipe, to bend a PVC pipe (as a curiosity I will tell you that the noabreviado name of the material is POLYCHLORIDE OF VINYL) you get sand derio (in any work encontratas much more than you will need) and fill the tube. Plug the ends with paper, rag or whatever you have at hand and fix it with packing tape. You heat the tube with a blowtorch with the flame as low as possible and turning the tube constantly so that it does not burn because if you keep the flame too long in the same area it blackens and burns. When it is soft you bend it without fear, because the sand of the interior will avoid that the interior zone of the curve gets inside. Practice before, because the first time you try it you will burn the tube, and if the tube is of small section (15 – 20 mm) with a lighter you will do it without problems. If it is of larger section you will need a blowtorch or air gun.greetings.Post by PLCHolaI doubt that with a hair dryer or a lighter (as the friend below says) you can flare a fergon tube of, say pg16.You can do it with an industrial hot air dryer or a welding lamp (with care).

How to bend pvc pipes with sand

– Rigid copper pipes: they come in the form of 5 meter straight bars.     – Soft or annealed copper pipes: they are sold in rolls of 50 meters. It is a much more malleable material.     How to bend copper pipes Copper pipes can be bent and curved, and if done correctly can even avoid the installation of elbows. There are specific tools to do it with precision, such as the bending pliers, although for domestic DIY jobs it is enough to use a bending spring, which is much more affordable. The pipe is inserted inside the spring and with a simple pressure on it, the copper pipe will be bent without deforming or flattening.     How to cut copper tubing

Copper is a relatively soft metal and therefore easy to cut. A hacksaw can be used, but to avoid deforming the pipe and to ensure a straight, clean cut, it is preferable to use a pipe cutter. This tool has small wheels that, once adapted to the diameter of the pipe, allow to cut it without effort and without fear of sinking it by the pressure.     Make a rotating movement around the pipe until it is completely cut. Once the pipes have been cut, it is advisable to use a file to remove the burrs and thus avoid pressure losses.     PVC pipes