How do I dispose of old oil?

How to clarify black oil

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As you have seen, recycling cooking oil as a degreaser is very simple. If you also want to know how to remove oil stains from the floor, we recommend you to read our guide How to remove oil stains from the floor.

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How to clean burnt oil from the frying pan

Due to its properties, ACU is quite polluting. A single liter of oil can contaminate approximately 40,000 liters of water; that is equivalent to a medium-sized swimming pool (González Canal & González Ubierna, n.d.).

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As you can see, improperly discarded used oil is polluting regardless of its origin. However, there are appropriate ways to dispose of it without harming the environment, and it can even be reused.

Once you have filled your used vegetable oil bottles, close them tightly and take them to recycling points in your city, so that programs such as Manos Verdes can give these recyclable wastes a new use.

How to clean burnt oil

Yes, used oil can be recycled and can give life to many other materials. Leftover vegetable oil from roasting, frying, canned food, lard or expired and spoiled fats is recycled.

Some clean points may prefer to use their own containers to homogenize the collection, but bringing your own should not be a problem. Besides, you can always deposit them in the appropriate container afterwards, as there is no used oil container as such. It is at these clean points where the collection of used oil takes place for its correct treatment.

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As you can imagine, the recycling of plastic oil bottles is totally different from that of the oil itself. Every time we use a bottle of oil we must deposit it in the yellow container.

Once the accumulated oil is collected, it is transferred to transfer centers, where its composition and possible improper components -other components that do not correspond to the original composition- are determined.

Where to dispose of used motorcycle oil

The alternative is simple: recycle used oil. It is recommended to wait until the frying oil has cooled before pouring it into a bottle with the help of a funnel. Afterwards, we can dispose of the oil at one of the following points.

The Madrid City Council updates every three months the points where we can dispose of used cooking oil. Currently there are more than 380 points in the city of Madrid where you can deposit the remains of used cooking oil for recycling.

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These points are controlled by each municipality where, in addition to cooking oil, other types of waste can be recycled separately. Click on the map to know the exact location of each fixed point.

In restaurants, catering establishments, hospitals, or any other business where large quantities of used oil are handled, it is not necessary to go to a clean point for recycling, we take care of everything. Call us at 918 95 20 01 or fill out our form so we can contact you.