How do you recycle wood at home?

Where to sell wood for recycling

Although in many occasions we do not think about it, wood recycling is an unbeatable option to give a second life to this material and, in addition, to contribute to not continue deforesting the forests. You will save money while contributing to a more sustainable planet.

You probably have wood at home that you want to take advantage of and give it a second use but you have no idea where to start. In the recycling of used wood, as in everything, you have to take into account a series of details. We explain them below:

These are the basic principles you should take into account before you start recycling wood at home. If you also want to know how to recycle in general, take a look at our article Guide to choosing recyclable and recycled containers.

In principle, any type of wood can be recycled (in fact, it is one of the most easily recyclable materials). The life cycle of wood is infinite, as long as it has not been affected by external agents such as:

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Wood is recyclable

In both cases, wood is a perfect and easily recyclable material. In fact, and although almost nobody knows this, the famous chipboards are almost entirely made of recycled wood, so it is not necessary to cut down trees for their manufacture.

Regarding their correct recycling, A.I.R-e reminds that both masks and gloves must always be deposited in the waste bin (normal garbage), while gel cans (empty) must be thrown in the yellow bin.

Confinement and spending more time at home than ever before has meant that we spend more time on activities such as cooking and baking. The bot has also noticed this in the questions it has received about waste such as baking and aluminum foil: more than 8,300.

A.I.R-e received more than 6,800 queries with the term “clothes”, a waste that, if it cannot be donated or reused, must be deposited in the containers for clothes collection that are distributed throughout the cities.

How to recycle used wood

Today’s society is a technologically advanced society that has applied science to the improvement of people’s lives quite successfully and has managed to make the human species one of the most numerous and widespread on the planet, insects aside. However, all this has been achieved at the cost of generating thousands of tons of waste, so proper waste management is not only necessary, but essential.

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Waste management consists of the organization of a system of collection, classification, recycling and reuse of all types of waste.  The municipalities are responsible for this work and usually allocate part of their budget to this issue, which includes the provision of containers for the streets, garbage collection, street cleaning and wastewater management.

Wood recycling in mexico

Glass, however, in many cities, is separated between dark and light glass (a wine bottle would be light and a beer bottle would be dark). Jars of jam and perfumes will also go here.

I would like to know where I can throw dye tubes, with and without ammonia, whole, unused…The little boxes in the cardboard one, the empty tubes, I think in the yellow one, but the full ones I think I shouldn’t throw them in the same container.

Hello, I am a physio and I would like to know if and where I can recycle the nitrile gloves that I sometimes use in the clinic to work…they are not contaminated, they are for hygienic-preventive use for acupuncture…thank you!

X-rays are composed of a plastic film with silver salts, which are a heavy metal and, if placed in the same container as normal urban waste, can lead to further contamination.

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Please do not use “organic waste” to dispose of various types of things, such as ceramics, because it confuses those of us who are looking for where to properly dispose of waste. Ceramics go in the waste container (gray bin with orange lid). If you can, please be more specific, because many times we throw things where we shouldn’t because it is difficult to find the right information. Thank you very much, anyway, for all the information collected on this website.